Audeo Voiceless Communication
The Audeo, a Texas Instrument company, is a communication device that when worn can communicate with people or objects without the use of voice. Although similar to the Epoc Headset in end goal, the device captures the brain waves or signals at a different location. The Audeo is placed on the user’s neck, adjacent to the vocal cords. When the user tries to speak brain waves are transmitted to the voice box. The Audeo then captures the neurological signals and digitizes the information for interpretation by a nearby computer for face-to-face communication, or a cell phone for telephone calls. TI’s specs state an 8+ hour operation time. Other real world tests, outside of placing a phone call, have been the ability to wirelessly control an electric wheelchair without any physical movement. The Audeo is set for release by the end of 2008 and is targeted at folks with disabilities preventing them from speaking and/or physical movement.

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