Roboporter Walking
The only thing better than traveling first class would be first class with no baggage to haul around. Starting this month in Japan’s Kita Kyushu airport the reality maybe closer then you think. Robotic porters will be available during select afternoon hours and can carry just over 100lbs of luggage. Travelers either speak or input their desired point of destination via the on screen map. I’m guessing the phone is for calling taxi, limos or other airport services. Currently the robot porters are limited to taxi or bus stops. Pair this technology with the RFID luggage tracking I mentioned earlier this afternoon, and your bags might just magically show up at your hotel or house.

More pics after the ‘leap’

Roboporter Phone

Roboporter Gal on Screen

Roboporter Upclose

Roboporter Straight on

Via Digitalworldtokyo via DVice

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