Repisens T-Shirt
Medical diagnosis often requires the patient to describe their symptoms. If the description is ‘off’ the diagnosis will be ‘off’. Researches from Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Software and Systems Engineering have developed a respiration monitoring system free of stethoscopes or large machines. Embedded in an article of clothing – like a shirt or t-shirt – is a built-in monitoring system called RespiSENS, which collects data and transmits the information for analysis to a handheld device (a PDA or phone). The device is also designed to provide ‘guidance’ during exercise, and can also be used during sleep, a time when we can’t monitor our own breathing habits (apparently I snore like a freight train). Once the data is collected it can then be sent to their doctor for analysis, and wala, no more guessing. Look out for more info and a presentation of this technology at CeBIT ’08.

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Christen Costa

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