RCA Rip and Go
It’s Friday, and contrary to the excitement of the weekend arriving I’m feeling a little bitter. So I figured why not tool on a product. The point of having an MP3 player, or portable audio player, is for the speed and ease of loading a massive amount of songs, right? RCA Rip and Go, which has been around for sometime, just introduced a new model that sports an iPod dock built-in. What’s suppose to be cool is that you can rip CDs directly to your iPod without a computer. The problem: these days most iPods are 30GBs or larger. Even with the 5 disc changer it’d take you all day to load. Did I mention it only Rips to 128kbps. Also, notice the old iPod Nano featured in the pic. Is RCA gonna even bother to release this thing? Sorry RCA, but you’re Energy Efficient rating goes right out the window when you have to rip CDs for 24 hours. Why the hell do companies keep releasing this crap?!?

View the steaming *&#$ here. No price or relase date yet.

Via Chipchick

Christen Costa

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