These days words such as ‘cool’ and ‘trendy’ emanate when folks stand around the water cooler chatting about ‘going green’. Unfortunately, and usually, going green often means going broke. Hymini on the other hand, get’s you going ‘green’ all for under $100. Also contrary to popular belief, Hymini is offering more then just a solar panel. You too can now produce your own wind power and do so while performing a number of activities thanks to Hymini’s innovative attachments: bike kit and armband kit. So whether you’re skiing, biking, running, driving, or just moving you can generate your own power. To generate any power you’ll need to travel at, or faster then 9mph. The faster you go the faster you generate power. Hymini maxes out at 40 mph, though. So at 50mph you’ll be generating the same amount of power as you would at 40mph. You’re probably wondering how much power it can provide. To put it in real world terms, one complete charge of Hymini’s internal lithium ion battery will get you 30 minutes of playback time on your iPod. Comes with a variety of plug adaptors for charging.

More info here and available for purchase here.

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Hymini in Hand

Hymini Inputs

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