Monthly Archives: February 2008

Nokia Morph Concept Video


[GR]lGaNBcWb_z4[/GR] By now you’ve heard about the Nokia Morph: a nanotech based phone that cleans itself and can be transformed into all sort of different shapes dependent on what the user needs to do. Well, now there’s a video (above) depicting all its functioning bliss. Sounds like they stole music...

Looking Bubble For The Doggy At Your Door


The pet-obsessed doing everything pet-possible to make their pets happy, especially dog owners.  The ‘Pet Peek’ does exactly what is pictured.  It would probably give some good laughs the first few times the mailman visits.  It’s so popular in fact, it’s sold out via Amazon, but available direct for $30....

Wireless Charging Is Very Close To Reality


You’ve probably heard of ‘wireless power’, but disregarded it as myth or mombojombo. In fact, wireless power and wireless charging is teetering on the tipping point of reality. Currently there are a few pads that charge cell phones and MP3 players, but they require a retrofitting for them to work,...

8GB Single DIMM Memory Modules Cut Costs 90%


MetaRAM, a company founded by AMD’s former CTO, claims to have invented a single DIMM 8GB RAM module. Currently DIMM RAM capacity is maxed out at 2GB. Its founders, Fred Weber, a former chief technology officer of AMD for a decade, and Suresh Rajan, a former Nvidia executive said they’ve...

iPhone Update to 1.1.4


Apple released an update for the iPhone today that’ll take you from 1.1.3 to 1.1.4. It’s 162 MB and doesn’t seem to do much for the iPhone’s feature set. With that said, it’s probably safe to assume that a small percent of the MBs are dedicated to fixing bugs while...

Full Sized Folding Bike Fits In A Backpack


This bike is so damn cool looking I keep forgetting that it can folded up like a pretzel. No word on sturdiness (it’s still a concept, though), but as you can see the seat extends from the frame that runs parallel to the ground. This looks to be the key...

RespiSENS T-Shirt Monitors Your Breathing So You Don’t Have To


Medical diagnosis often requires the patient to describe their symptoms. If the description is ‘off’ the diagnosis will be ‘off’. Researches from Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Software and Systems Engineering have developed a respiration monitoring system free of stethoscopes or large machines. Embedded in an article of clothing – like...

Custom Horntones


Are you sick of that boring old horn? Can’t score the evil eye from chick joggers? Horntones MP3 will without a doubt garner some stares. Just install and upload MP3s of your choice to the devices 256MB of memory. Up to 10 different tones can be be assigned to the...

The BIZZ: Bluetooth Headset + USB Memory Stick


The BIZZ headset from Bluetrek does double duty as a Bluetooth wireless headset and a USB memory stick. To access the drive’s contents, and charge the BUZZ, simply unplug the ear piece from the body and insert into a USB port – there’s an optional car charger. Memory capacity comes...

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