zzzPhonezzzPhone (or Sleep Phone?) intends to offer fully customizable phones. Starting at $149 you can add an array of features which include speakers, 3, 5 or 7 megapixel cameras, two SIM card slots, a water resistant layer, gold accents, 4 stereo speakers and much, much more. Apparently, they’ll even preload the device with legally purchased movies, music and software. Sound a little to grandiose to be true? I’d say so. The guys at GearLog spoke with the folks running zzzPhone and they declined to give operating system specifics and even their own names! They’ve got a website up with a ‘configurator’ where you can view your mods. The phone appears to of the Samsung ilk, but since they’re based out of China it could be any level knock off. I looked up the WhoIs info, and the domain is registered to Lawrence Horowitz based out of Las Vegas. A Google search brought up zero info.

More info here.

Christen Costa

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