Epoc Emotiv Virtual Headset
Screw video game controllers, it’s all about mind control. No, not the Jedi type, but pretty darn close. A neuro-headset, called the Epoc, straps on with simplicity, detects electrical activity from the brain and sends it to the video game console. Neural-headsets aren’t new, but this is the first device that doesn’t require a crack team of scientists to strap it on and calibrate for each use. Emotiv envisions use in virtual world games where a player’s facial expressions can be translated to the battlefield. No longer will their be a need for ‘;)’ or ‘=)”, it’ll just show up on the character’s face. The expected cost is $299 and will include a gyroscope to detect head movement along with up to 30 different expressions, emotions or actions (think smile, wink, nod, eyebrow raised, etc). According to the BBC, Emotiv is working with IBM to develop the technology for use with “strategic enterprise business markets and virtual worlds”.

[Props to Chintan for the story]

Christen Costa

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