Daily Archives: February 29, 2008

Pimp Your Laptop With Any Design

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NVSpc takes custom laptop creation one step further than Colorware and allows you to choose from a wide selection of prefabbed designs, mix and max patterns, or create a completely custom design. They carry Acer, HP, Panasonic, and Samsung laptops. If those brands don’t appeal; just send in your own....

Bang and Olufsen Introduces Plasma with Robotic Arm


Bang and Olufsen, long known for their illustrious line of visual/audio equipment, introduced the Beovision 4 plasma TV today. They’ve laid claim to having the best looking plasma on the market, but ‘how so’ you ask? Included in what is a probably an uber expensive set, is a small camera...

Fearless 16 Year Old Nabs Mugger Via MySpace


Yudelka Polanco, a 16-year old NYC resident was mugged while commuting one day. Included in the snatching was her cell phone. The mugger, the idiot that he is, used the cell phone to make calls and send emails. Prior to receiving a new cell phone, Polanco’s provider sync’d up her...

Navy Seal Bluetooth Style Headset


Sure to garner some stares for looking like a deuce bag, the Roadrunner handsfree headset looks more military opps than Bluetooth headset. The microphones are strategically placed next to your voicebox, which in turn surpresses ambient noise during conversation and makes the Roadrunner ideal for top down driving or motorcycle...

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