Daily Archives: February 21, 2008

FPS Force Feedback Gaming Vest


The Nintendo Rumble pack transformed video gaming as we know it today – it brought us one step closer to truly engaging with video games. Although Virtual Reality is some ways a way – at least in the home – TNgames newest offering, the 3rd Space Vest (aka FPS Gaming...

Backpack Bicycle Charges While You Peddle


In today’s congested world of highways, trains and even side walks, it’s no wonder we don’t all work from home. Biking to work has often been a great healthy option, but with everybody jumping on the ‘green/health’ bandwagon lately, I’m surprised their aren’t parking garages dedicated to bikes. The Everglide...

RFID Cat Door


If you ever owned a cat and had a cat door, then you know you can end up with unwanted critters in your home. Take Racoons for instance. They’re notoriously smart and often enter homes via the cat door to steal the oh-so yummy cat food and whatever else they...

T-Mobile Unlimited VoIP Service For Just $10 A Month


T-Mobile is getting into the VoIP game. Offered exclusively to current T-Mobile customers paying $39.99 or higher, the new service costs $10 a month (plus taxes and fees) and includes unlimited domestic and long distance calls over the customer’s preexisting broadband service. According to CNet, numbers can be ported over....

Coverflow For The iPhone = Appflow


The iPhone SDK has yet to be released and we’ve seen a number of cool apps (iAno and iPhone Guitar app). Thanks to Erica Sadun you can now enjoy a ‘Coverflow’ like navigation on your iPhone. Just like the iAno app, you’ll need to Jailbreak your phone. Based on the...

Ziszor! Personal Shredder


Is seems there’s a day that doesn’t go by when a credit card company hasn’t sent me a check with yet another low APR offer? I end up hand tearing, throwing it in the garbage, and then losing sleep for fear someone is gonna nab my info. I would’ve bought...

Dell Ships Laptop(s) With Keylogger Installed


An unknown computer techie is reporting that Dell shipped a keylogger device (Keyghost) preinstalled in his laptop’s Ethernet board. When he called Dell and asked them about the suspicious device, they told him that “The integrated [sic] service tag identifier is there for assisting customers in the event of lost...

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