Daily Archives: February 20, 2008

Bluetooth Wristband


The BluAlert vibrating wristband is no doubt superfluous for most occasions, but might serve a purpose at ridiculously loud events. The device wirelessly connects via Bluetooth to your cell phone. When your phone rings or receives a text message the wristband vibrates. Once paired, the BlueAlert wristband also includes a...

Turn Your Wii Into A Media Center


Lifehacker has a complete ‘how to’ on turning your Wii into a media center. It’s not a hack and completely palatable for the nonpower user. Check out the full instructrutions here, but the short of it is that you’ll utilize Orb.com, your computer, and the Wii Opera browser....

Self Powered LED Lamp


LEDs are quickly becoming the future of lighting. The Gravia combines LEDs and gravity induced power to form a completely self-powered and efficient lamp. The lamps autonomous glow is achieved from a slow falling rotator. As it drops it spins generating energy. Light output is 600 – 800 lumens –...

Military Grade Tablet Touchscreen Computer


Beating the crap out of your equipment with no regret is always an interesting proposition. Last week it was the Sonim XP1 cell phone that could take a 9mm bullet. This week it’s the Duros 8” Rugged Tablet PC. Rated military grade (MIL STD 810F) the Duros can survive significant...

Wii Fans You Gotta See This


Wii fans, meets the Wii USB flash drive. Push the ‘A’ button to expose the ‘male’ part of the USB stick. Hold down the ‘A’ button to push it back in. Looks like you can pick up these pint sized Wii remote flash drives in sizes 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, and...

Logitech Unveils Innovative Steering Wheel for ‘Gran Turismo 5’

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Today, Logitech announced what sounds like a ‘killer’ steering wheel built specifically for ‘Gran Turismo 5’ on the Sony Playstation 3. The Logitech Driving Force GT racing wheel includes powerful force feedback, and a 24-position real-time adjustment dial for on-the-fly control of brake bias, traction and damper settings. The steering...

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