Daily Archives: February 19, 2008

Activision Files Trademark For ‘DJ Hero’


Activision capitalized on the run away hit Guitar Hero by purchasing the rights for the game for $100 million and turning it into $1 billion in sales. To further catapult the Activision brand into stardom, it looks like they have plans to release a DJ based game called ‘DJ Hero’...

Actual Wall Climbing Spiderman Toy


If you’re like me, you watched and read anything Spiderman you could get your hands on. Back then (late 1980s) the closest I got to a Spiderman experience was Halloween and the eventual release of the Sega Genesis video game. Coming this fall, for $50, Hasbro will launch a remote...

Detect Disease From A Simple Breathalyzer

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Students at the University of Boulder Colorado have developed a device that can identify diseases from a simple breath. It works by detecting single molecules that are associated with the disease. The students’ work is based off a 2005 Nobel winning device called the optical frequency comb, which they paired...

Slick USB Hub


I don’t know why I find this USB hub so appealing. Perhaps it’s that all other USB hubs only seem to cause more clutter than organization. The Belkin In-Desk USB hub should fit in most standard desk holes (those thing you jam cords down), but if not you can easily...

Palm Centro Hits AT&T Wireless


The Palm Centro can now be yours on AT&T for $99 after a two year signing. It’s in a nice clean white, some green keys, only rocks EDGE connectivity and already has a 1 star review on AT&T’s site. There’s a few of them on eBay going for just over...

Child Monitoring Made Easier With Kiddo


The Kiddo device certainly takes a more humanitarian approach when compared to those ‘kid leashes’. You know, the ones you see parents tugging on at the mall? It can monitor kids, or those with a tendency to get lost or go missing, in two distances: 4 meters and 8 meters....

HD DVD Is Six Feet Deep


After heavy Internet rumor mongering, Toshiba has finally conceded defeat and announced the official death of HD DVD. Toshiba plans to discontinue HD DVD manufacturing on all levels by the end of March 2008. Official announcement here....

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