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Cell Phones

Portable TV Receiver For Your (i)Phone

iPhone video viewing is currently limited to Youtube, and any uploaded videos into iTunes. Packetvideo’s newest offering, the PV Mobile receiver, is going to change that by enabling any streaming TV standard (TDtv, DVB-H and Me...

These Shoes Smell So Good You’ll Wanna Lick ‘Em

Reebok, the masterminds that they’re, have teamed up with Koolaid to create the Smellashoe (I made that up…genius, huh). These fun and completely out of the box (pun intended) shoes will come in 3 scented flavors: grape, cherry...


U-Dance Game Takes A Cue From Motion Capture Technology

Tiger Electronics’ newest offering, the U-Dance, promises to ‘let players actually step into the game through proprietary features and patented technology’. So you’re probably wondering how U-Dance will compare to Konami’s 'Dan...