Daily Archives: February 17, 2008

Toshiba G450 Modem/MP3 Player/Phone


The Toshiba G450 is not a mass appeal piece of equipment. Designed primarily as a USB modem (GSM/UTMS), the G450 can also make phone calls and play MP3s, which are displayed on its OLED screen. Unfortunately, the G450’s frequency band probably (2100MHz) won’t support US use anytime soon. No built-in...

Nike’s First Performance Shoe Made of Waste


Nike and Phoneix Sun’s guard, Steve Nash, unveiled the Nike Trash Talk Friday, which is Nike’s first performance basketball sneaker produced from manufacturing waste. Three different color variations will be available at $100 a piece. According to TreeHugger, they’ll only be available at House of Hoops by Footlocker in New...

LCD Touchscreen Powered Vespa


What’s cooler than a Vespa with a Louis Vuitton seat? A Vespa with a Louis Vuitton seat and a touch screen LCD runing Windows XP of course! This red showboat of glory won the “Best Modern Vespa award” at the Amerivespa contest. Upclose shot after the ‘leap’...

iAno: iPhone Piano Simulator


[GR]ycIjt-ykWRo[/GR] Last week I posted about the iPhone Guitar app. Today, or actually yesterday, the iAno emerged (iPhone + Piano). In order to install you’ll have to Jailbreak your iPhone, but it’ll enable a complete four octave keyboard that allows up to 5 keys to be simultaneously played. According to...

MirrorPilot: Rearview and GPS In One

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One of the dangers of enjoying GPS navigation is the inherent distraction. The GPS MirrorPilot looks to eliminate this problem. Integrated into the rearview mirror is an ANTARIS 4 GPS receiver and a 65k color, 2.2” QVGA screen where directions can be viewed in a 2D or 3D format. Memory...

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