Daily Archives: February 15, 2008

Scotch Tape = Improved iPhone Signal Strength


According to iPhoneatlas, an improperly seated SIM card can impact iPhone signal strength. Ejecting and then re-seating the SIM can sometimes resolve the issue. If that doesn’t work – try the following at your own risk – placing a piece of scotch tape on the outer side of the SIM...

Wind Up PMP


Although the Eco-media player will never catch on like the iPod or iPhone, it’s sure to set a precedent for self-powered portable PMPs. The device can play movies, music, photos, and the radio. It even charges your cell phone when you run out of juice. One minute of winding will...

In 200 Million Years This Clock Will Remain Accurate


How they know this is beyond me, but according to U.S. physicists they’ve crafted a clock that will neither gain nor lose a second in the next 200 million years. The unnamed clock even out performs the U.S Commerce Department’s National Institute of Standards and Technology clock, which promises to...

OneCat Oxygen Car Is 1 Year From Production (video)


[GR]nOKP3Ao5P6M[/GR] Forget about the Prius and forget about the Tesla (ok, don’t totally forget about the Tesla cause it’s a cool all electric sports car). It’s all about oxygen, or air powered cars. According to its inventor, Guy Nègre, the OneCat oxygen car will be available for purchase (France initially)...

Fire Glove: Light A Cigarette With Your Finger (video)

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[GR]x-QKYlqfWJ4[/GR] Motivation is an odd thing. Some people don’t have it and others have too much of it. Matiah Shaman might just be the latter of the two. Course he’s also probably some sort of genius. According to Matiah he “took apart many things that you should not ever take...

Homemade Wii Blaster


Yesterday I wrote about the Nerf Wii Blaster. Today, Gearfuse found a Wii remote mod that repackages the controller into a custom made handheld gun. No word on if it works as an actual Wii Blaster, but the linked page has complete details on ‘how to’. More pics after the...

Almost Pocket Sized DLP Projector


I’m still waiting for Texas Instruments to unveil their highly anticipated cell phone projector. Until then, will all have to settle for Samsung’s almost-pocket sized DLP projector. The Ultra Mobile Pocket Projector (U310) features a 1000:1 contrast ratio and 150 ANSI lumens brightness. To put it in perspective, some full...

$140,000 Diamond Encrusted Hot Wheels Car


To kick off Hot Wheels’ 40th anniversary, Mattel unveiled a diamond encrusted 1:64 scale Hot Wheels car. The car is one-of-a-kind and the most expensive in Hot Wheels history. The car is valued at a mere $140,000, is cast in 18k white gold, and includes more than 2,700 diamonds that...

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