Daily Archives: February 13, 2008

Tivo On Comcast Gets More Official (video)

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Ok, so I’m kind of in denial that Comcast is getting Tivo. Don’t get me wrong it’s a good thing. But you see, Time Warner is what’s available in my area, so I can’t get it. Today, I ran across a Tivo/Comcast commercial running in New England. Before it was...

Grand Theft Auto 4 Multiplayer


If you’re into the GTA series then you’ve had the inevitable conversation with friends about the multiplayer possibilities in the 4th installment. There’s good news: Grand Theft Auto 4 will be multiplayer. Contrary to the original article by CVA – Rockstar cleared it up – GTA 4’s multiplayer will be...

Neo 808i Cell Phone Is Small But Doomed


I’m thinking about starting a category of products that are failed or doomed from the start (this will be the first one) . Unfortunately, the Neo 808i appears to be one of them. There is no doubt that the device is small (1.6” x 2.8” x .5”), but in a...

Journalistic Integrity or Paranoid Device?


If you’ve got the paranoid itch, then you might want to invest in one of these. The Teleport 2.0 is essentially a dongle that connects your phone to your computer via USB. The included software (Windows only) does the rest, recording the call and the number dialed or received. Looks...

The Hydrogen, Solar, Maglev Train Coming To A City Near You


Ann Arbor, Michigan has been on a green project ‘tear’ lately. Earlier this year they began by replacing all standard streetlights with LEDs. Now they’ve got a project on the books called The Interstate Traveler Hydrogen Highway. The state of Michigan hopes to connect Ann Arbor and Detroit using a...

The Gadget Lovers Toaster

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[GR]exGtj4jjbco[/GR] There are things in this world that we need, and then there are things we don’t need but buy anyway because they’re fun to ogle at. The Morphy Richards 2 Perfection 2 Slice Toaster falls some where in between. The above video says it all, and I guarantee you’ll...

Sony’s Newest HD Camcorder Announced


Sony’s newest handycam looks pretty badass. The full HD camcorder, the ‘HDR-SR12’, features complete HD backed by a 120GB hard drive. Some how it even accomplishes 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound. Someone wanna explain that one to me? The only way I know how to get Dolby Digital 5.1 (this...

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