Daily Archives: February 11, 2008

Out Of Juice? Just Strap on This Knee Brace


Researchers from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia have developed a knee brace like device, that when worn while walking will charge an internal battery. The Biomechanical Energy Harvester (sounds more like an implant – it ain’t) generates power at the end of a walker’s step similar to that of...

Energizer Launches Rechargeable Home LED Lights


Energizer use to be a one trick pony. But these days they’re actually diversifying and introducing some innovative and useful products. Today they unveiled their ‘Light on Demand’ line of products. Useful in a power outage, the Light on Demand line of products contain a rechargeable and removable light stick...

Free WiFi For iPhone Customers Around the Corner


Today, Starbucks and AT&T announced a partnership to offer free and paid WiFi at all Starbucks locations. The partnership with AT&T ends a six year deal with T-Mobile. Though, a deal was struck with AT&T, and T-Mobile Hotspot customers will continue to receive free service at all Starbucks locations where...

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