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Pimp Your Laptop With Any Design

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NVSpc takes custom laptop creation one step further than Colorware and allows you to choose from a wide selection of prefabbed designs, mix and max patterns, or create a completely custom design. They carry Acer, HP, Panasonic, and Samsung laptops. If those brands don’t appeal; just send in your own....

Bang and Olufsen Introduces Plasma with Robotic Arm


Bang and Olufsen, long known for their illustrious line of visual/audio equipment, introduced the Beovision 4 plasma TV today. They’ve laid claim to having the best looking plasma on the market, but ‘how so’ you ask? Included in what is a probably an uber expensive set, is a small camera...

Fearless 16 Year Old Nabs Mugger Via MySpace


Yudelka Polanco, a 16-year old NYC resident was mugged while commuting one day. Included in the snatching was her cell phone. The mugger, the idiot that he is, used the cell phone to make calls and send emails. Prior to receiving a new cell phone, Polanco’s provider sync’d up her...

Navy Seal Bluetooth Style Headset


Sure to garner some stares for looking like a deuce bag, the Roadrunner handsfree headset looks more military opps than Bluetooth headset. The microphones are strategically placed next to your voicebox, which in turn surpresses ambient noise during conversation and makes the Roadrunner ideal for top down driving or motorcycle...

Wiimote Hacked To Open/Close Curtains


[GR]FSMJiGPPzGM[/GR] This guy ‘paired’ his Wiimote to his PC (via Bluetooth), and slapped together some visual basics code to get it talking to his motorized curtains. Check out the above video to see it in action (riveting) and go to his site for tutorial info. This is gonna sound naive,...

USB WiFi Extender


My wireless connection, pending any cable outages, is fine. But sometimes I wouldn’t mind stepping outside with my laptop and soak up some of that LA sun while I work. I’ve read about the tin foil ears you can slap on our router to get a little extra range, but...

Corsair Intros A Super Speedy USB Memory Stick


Corsair will show off its newest USB Thumb stick, the Flash Voyager GT, at CeBIT next week. What makes it so special, aside from its memory capacity (2 – 32GB), are its transfer rates which are 4 times faster than standard USB 2.0 drives. Additionally, the drive is shock resistant...

E-Ink Sheet Music


The EMS, or E-Paper Music Score eliminates the need to carry books of sheet music. Using a single flexible display matched with E-ink technology the device can display sheet music transmitted via Bluetooth. Included in the package is a foot pedal so you don’t have to take your hands of...

Celebrity Voicemail on Alltel Wireless

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Alltel Wireless introduced a new feature that’ll get you connected to the rich and famous, or so your friends will think. Called Voicemail MAX, the $2.99 a pop service adds a celebrity greeting to your voicemail. Customers will be able to chose from over 500 clips from hip hop artists,...

Razr2 Luxury Edition Launches in Korea

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David Beckham was on hand for the launch of Motorola’s Razr2 Luxury edition in Korea. The 12.05mm thick phone is plated with 18k gold and finished with snake pattern leather on the back panel. Check out the above video if you wanna get your panties in a bundle…because of Beckham...

Every Student Gets An iPhone

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The Abilene Christian University is giving each incoming student a free iPhone (free if you don’t consider it padded into the tuition). Students are expected to access homework, schedules, in class surveys, alerts, and more. Reality check: they’ll probably use the thing to access porn, news, and facebook. Now how...

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