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Unity Telephone Connects Desktop and Cell Phone


The Unity Telephone is essentially a dongle that connects your desktop and cell phone via Bluetooth and cord. Get a call on your cell and it’s transferred to your desktop phone. I know what you’re thinking: how many phones does it work with? According to Redferret, it will work with...

Man Kills Daughter Over Xbox


According to TGDaily, and other news source, a Philidelphia man has killed his 18 month old daughter after she broke his Xbox.  Apparently, Alayiah pulled on the cords causing the Xbox to fall to its fate.  Shortly after, Tryone Spellman, struck his daughter cracking her skull.  He may have thrown...

Desktop iPhone Holder/Presenter

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I own an iPhone. I put my iPhone on my desk. It doesn’t look cool, and it’s no easy feat bending over a desk to use it (ok, I could pick it up, but this is cooler). PED 3 not only shows the iPhone off in all its glory, but...

Digital Measuring Tape Say WHAT?!

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I have to be the worst measurer when it comes to room size, installing shelfs, etc. Why? I am horrible at reading the measuring tape and remembering the distance. Some genius pants decided to merge the digital with the analog, and ended up with the eTAPE16 digital measuring tape. According...

First Landline Custom Ring Tone Box


You can definitely file this under gimmicky.  The RingBoxx is apparently the first device that can produce truly custom ring tones for a landline.  You can customize the RingBoxx with sound clips, songs, and even comedic greetings.  As with many of today’s cell phones, you can associate numbers with ring...

Domino Pizza Tracker


I just caught this on NBC’s local news here in SoCal. Totally gimmicky, but it should draw some customers who are looking for their Web 2.0 meets pizza fix. The Domino Pizza Tracker is available at The Tracker breaks down the pizza ordering process into 5 steps: Order Placed,...

Skype Hits the PSP


Skype arrived on the PSP today and ArsTechnica took it for spin on a slim PSP.  They said the Skype layout was well implemented on the PSP platform and sound quality was top notch.  One catch though:  you must have the headphones plugged in via the Slim-specific remote control otherwise...

Use Nokia’s Accelerometer To Open Messages


ShakeSMS isn’t the most practical application to install on your Nokia, but it sure does pique and speak to the level of innovation we should see coming from Apple’s SDK coming in February. So how’s it work? Install the Symbian based app/addon. When you receive a ‘text’ you simply shake...

“Star Wars: The Force Unleashed” Video is Unbelievable


There aren’t too many times that I post about video games, but “Grand Theft Auto IV” and this are totally, totally warranted. “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed” sets an all new benchmark for video games by incorporating 3 different physics engines: Havok which is a bomb physics engine for objects;...

Intel Takes Equivalent of 185,000 Cars Off the Road


Believe it or not, but Intel has become the “largest purchaser of Green Power in the U.S” and they’re boasting about. Posted on the Press Release portion of their site, Intel says they bought more than 1.3 billion kilowatt hours a year (yes BILLION) of renewable energy certificates. This makes...

Paying With Your Cell Phone Finally Hits US Shores…Again?

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NFC, or Near-Feild Commuincation has been used for a long-ass time in many Asian countries. According to MobileBurn Sprint Nextel will soon begin trial runs of NFC with the BART (San Fran’s ‘Bay Area Rapid Transportation’) and participating Jack In the Boxes. In addition to paying for subway rides and...

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