V-Moda Vibe Duo (iPhone) Headphone Review

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7 Comments to V-Moda Vibe Duo (iPhone) Headphone Review

  1. I got a pair for last Christmas. After 2 months, the right ear bud stopped working. I sent them in and they sent me a new pair FREE within a couple weeks. A month goes by, same problem. I sent in the second pair and I couldn’t believe it but they sent a third pair. Guess what… yup… another month or two and the same problem. I think it has something to do with the mic on one side.

    I loved them while they worked… but otherwise so frustrating.

  2. i got loose contact with these headphones after only one month of using which means the right headphone stopped working. got new ones through warranty, same thing happened again. i do NOT recommend these headphones!

  3. John Glasky

    I got these and found them ‘ok’ but disagree with you about the clear sound – I found them muddy and have heard this from other people too. I ended up returning them. I found some made by a company ultimate buds that use Futuresonics earbuds. These things are absolutely incredible and blow the v-modas away. They had great customer service too… i’ve heard v-moda’s customer service is terrible.

  4. rangren1983

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  5. I bought these headphones with my Apple Iphone rebate. I thought it was a great way to spend the 100 bucks I got back from them. At first I loved the headphones, but after only ONE month of usage, the right earpiece stopped working. It took V-Moda about a month to get back to me after I wrote three emails to them. Also, I did not like the fact that the headphones did not have the click functionality available on iPhone headphones. Turns out the replacement pair I got has the click functionality which is good, but I’m afraid to open them since they’ll probably break in a month. So they’ve been sitting on my shelf for months. I’ll probably end up selling them. I would not recommend these headphones

  6. I agree with your review, although I wouldn’t be so harsh on it in terms of bass and sound isolation. It’s much better to use passive noise cancellation (these buds are basically earplugs with an audio driver in line) than active cancellation that modifies the digital signal and only adds SPLs to what you’re listening to. It’s healthier for you, and can be just effective. I agree that the effectiveness is tied to your ear structure. They give 3 sets of clear and 3 sets of black (S, M, L) so you can find an almost ideal fit. I want a size that’s between S and M, actually, but it would be ludicrous to complain. As far as bass, I got more bass from these than any earbud I’ve used, and it’s super tight and detailed. This is true audiophile sexiness and the microphone is indeed excellent. I have the same experience with rejection of road noise. Buy these now.

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