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The iPhone Otterbox is the most rugged iPhone case I’ve seen to date. Built of solid plastic and rubber, the iPhone Otterbox is easy to install and protects not only the body, but the screen of the oh-so precious (and fragile) iPhone. It’s water resistant NOT water proof so no toilet dunking allowed. Other iPhone cases, that I’ve seen, are either a thin layer of rubber or acrylic and don’t protect the screen or the entry of liquids. Furthermore, unlike most cases the Otterbox Defender protects the headphone jack, serial jack, speakers and mic, which all could fall victim to lint and other small debris.

The thin layer of plastic ‘defending’ the screen slightly decreases the iPhone screen’s sensitivity and is most notable in the corners. This is probably due to the sturdy plastic case surrounding the screen. I found it challenging to remove all air bubbles between the iPhone’s and the screen protector, but nothing that was large enough to impede upon viewing. Otterbox’s instructional video recommends you run your hand over the screen probably to decrease static electricity. Both the screen protector and port holes come packaged with a thin layer of ‘peal away’ plastic film to insure that they’re scratch free upon shipping. Otterbox even crafted a small window just large enough to reveal the Apple logo on the rear of the iPhone. Access to all the buttons is maintained through the Otterbox Defender’s rubber casing ACCEPT for the ring/vibrate switch. You’ll want to set this to ‘ring’ prior to install since you can manipulate the vibrate/ring option from the iPhone’s menu. The ‘home’ button takes a little bit of extra pressure, but nothing unmanageable. All said and done the biggest draw back of the Otterbox Defender iPhone case is the added size and weight, and the somewhat cumbersome process to remove the iPhone – it requires you to unhinge 5 plastic clips that take some fiddling. Fortunately, the ‘cumbersome process’ is merely a testimony to how well protected the iPhone is. Also included in the box (aside from the easy to read step-by-step picture instructions) is a belt clip. Please spare us the eye sore and only wear this if you’re a) with the Geek Squad or b) work for the cable company.

Available here for $50 in all black or black with yellow accents. Looks like they’re in demand so order sooner then later.

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