Verizon LG Voyager Preorder and Arrival Date

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10 Comments to Verizon LG Voyager Preorder and Arrival Date

  1. so i really love the lg voyager and i am gettign a new phone … i live in canada is there anyother phone that is touch witha full keyboard that i can get?

  2. Zack Chamberlain

    If i can get this phone off ebay or something, would i be able 2 pay 4 a plan in canada? or would i have 2 be in america to use/pay 4 it?

  3. DAMN i need to know when this thing is hittin canada

    i heard that LG set up a contract with verizon that should last two years TT^TT so canada is not gettin it for a while

    but remember, there are other SEXYA$S phones in canada right now… i personally really like the LG Glimmer… although when they released it in canada, bell dubbed it the ‘LG Vantage’ which just doesnt sound quite as cool. Also, i rly liked the default background on the glimmer TT^TT but the one on the vantage is rly ghey.


  4. Mmk
    so i want this phone majorly pls & ty.
    i neeed info in when its like comining in canada
    cause this phone is quite the sex ;]

  5. Can you get the Lg voyager in Canada B.c
    i can’t find it anywhere!!
    i tottaly love this phone although it costs alot.
    I think.

  6. Hi All

    I recieved my Voyager today, just so everyone knows it did NOT come with a holster or a case. Of course as well as NO car charger. So get ready to buy Accessories.

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