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Verizon’s LG Voyager
is now available for preorder. My brain is conjuring up the stampede noise and an image of masses of people stuck in a small door way.

How much?
$299.00 with a two year contract – $100 more then the current 8GB iPhone.

Is it a good deal?
Well, it does have the first touch screen and full QWERTY keyboard. Furthermore, you can flip the phone open to reveal not only the QWERTY but another screen. Second, or perhaps first and foremost, depending on your Internet usage, it sports Verizon’s high speed EVDO Internet – a big one up over the iPhone. Unfortunately, its screen ain’t as hip as the iPhone’s; measuring in at 2.81″. They’ve implemented Vibetouch technology which means the phone will vibrate when you touch the screen which is supposed to simulate pushing an actual hard key – I don’t miss this feeling on my iPhone. It’s expandable via an 8GB microSD card.

Are there any other notable features that the iPhone doesn’t have?
But of course. Who, or where would Verizon be. Unlike the iPhone, the LG Voyager features streaming stereo audio via Bluetooth. Also available is the ability to transfer files between file and phone – a mini storage device. Verizon V-Cast Mobile (aka TV) is also available and there is an included retractable antenna…weird. It also does video and turn-by-turn GPS directions. If you get it for your kid, you can track their location and receive text messages if they stray too far from the set location – service is called Chaperone Service - and that is totally insane!

Should I get it?
If you’re stuck on a Verizon contract then it’s probably one of the cooler phones they’ve ever carried. The price tag is steep and its not as slim as the iPhone although it is slightly lighter (the iphone is .46″ and the LG Voyager is .71″ thin).

When will it arrive/ship?
According to Verizon it will arrive on 11/21/07 if you order it today. I asked the online CSR and they couldn’t give me a straight answer if it would arrive on the 21st or ship on the 21st of November.

Complete details and preorder info here.

Update: LG Voyager review here.

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