By: Peter Kolos

TechLasers Infiniti 125mW
This has to be the most powerful, brightest laser that I have ever seen on a commercial level. Unlike the more common red lasers, the green lasers (like this one, which is in fact TechLaser’s Infiniti 125mW) are many times brighter, and the beam is easier to see in any lighting situation. You can even see the beam itself reflecting the particles in the air, not just the endpoint. This laser can even be seen in bright light situations, including
sunlight! We tested this laser’s distance and it’s highly visible on a tree that was about 10 blocks away, ~.5 miles and even on buildings over a mile away.

Its size is very deceiving – this powerful laser is only the size of a large pen/small marker. It also runs off of just 2 AAA batteries which will get you about 3 hours of run time – I saw a dip in brightness after the 3rd hour, but the laser still functioned. Definitely use safety with this one. Not only can it cause permanent eye damage, it hurts to even stare at the reflecting light, especially off a white wall. Fortunately, TechLaser provided protective eye ware (manufactured by WickedLasers) although we can’t, and wouldn’t risk verifying its protective natures. The red goggles did cut back on eye pain, though, when staring at the laser’s reflecting light. On top of that, if left on your skin for a bit it starts to get uncomfortably warm. I’d assume it has the potential to burn your skin, but I’ll leave that to the ‘jackasses’ of the world.

I am skeptical to as whether or not TechLasers actually sent me the 125mW. According to their website’s “beam power chart” I should be able to: burn holes in plastic, pop black or dark balloons, light matches, etc. I didn’t have any balloons around and wasn’t able to light a match, or a box of matches for that matter. Maybe I needed to have a steadier hand? I did manage to obtain a slight burning sensation on my skin so I don’t know which one I ended up receiving. The actual Laser I received came in a cardboard box that read “TechLasers” on its front, contained a mini safety book and instructions for locking and unlocking a different laser.

TechLasers Beam Power Chart

So would I recommend getting one? Hell ya. If you’re just looking to attract the attention of a few ladies (this worked phenomenally well on Halloween) or show off to your friends, then go with the lower powered one. There aren’t too many practical reasons to own a laser, but according to a friend, they use them in Israel to blind snipers. As it happens, Wired had a few laser articles in this past month’s mag. Check them out here. One that wasn’t featured on this page was the spitball laser point – just don’t shoot your friend’s eyes out in the process.

Other Uses: physics students, astronomy (find stars and stuff), lighting (mini torch in a room or cave), Star Wars fanatic (see their blue lasers).

Available at Techlasers in a variety of colors, intensities and prices. If you’re looking to buy one this holiday season then enjoy our very own Gadgetreview discount. Just use code ‘IWNOV07-GRVIEW’ at checkout and save 10%!

Gadgetreview pics and video to come…

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