GadgetReview Give Away: A Pair of Audioengine A2 Speakers

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Grew up back East, got sick of the cold and headed West. Since I was small I have been pushing buttons - both electronic and human. With an insatiable need for tech I thought "why not start a blog focusing on technology, and use my dislikes and likes to post on gadgets."

27 Comments to GadgetReview Give Away: A Pair of Audioengine A2 Speakers

  1. • 39
    • Depends on the season and if I’m into audio/video, fishing or sports.
    • This is my first visit to your website. I was directed this way for the A2 review. With that in mind, high resolution and more close up pictures of the speakers or review item would be beneficial. I do like the pix of the packaging…nice touch.
    • Black

  2. Im 18 y/o.

    Favorite site would have to be

    Something good for the site would be a more interactive way for viewers of the site to come together and talk about electronics and what not.

    Black speakers would match my electronics nicely.

  3. hey, i’m 44
    i like the ny times web site
    i’ve never seen the site til today, it looks great, so maybe throw out an advertisement to let more people know
    black would be great!

  4. Terri Levitan

    age: 43.9863
    Favorite website:
    What would make it better: add links to other product reviewers reviews of similiar items in addition to user reviews
    What color: either – suprise me, it will be my birthday present

  5. Age: 35
    Favorite website: audioholics
    What would make GadgetReview a better website: more items on the home page and separate sections for reviews and news
    What color speakers I want: black please

  6. age -29
    favorite website –
    what would make it better – more updates
    color wanted – black
    email submitted at top

  7. My favorite website is, i vist this site a couple times a week when posted on some forums, only when i see something cool.

    Something that can make this website better is more visuals. A sleak newer interface and more popularity streaming connections. I honestly dont see this website moved around the interwebs as many as others.

  8. Marcus Stoll

    Age: 18
    Favorite Site: and
    To make the site better: Make it available to bigger screen resolutions… on my monitor (1920×1200) it takes up like 1/3 the width of internet. Also, create a more attractive home page design so that people think of the site as more ‘legit!’
    Preferred Color: White!


  9. Age: 24
    Favorite site:
    I would like to see more color in the website.
    I would like white speakers.

  10. I am 26 and my favorite WEB SITE is Fat Wallet it’s Super Sweet! What would make this WEB site even more SWEET… I’m not sure first time on this WEB site but from the looks of all the comments I think more reviews would be good. I would llike BLACK that is my favorite color! Thanks Suzy

  11. Trinidad Hernandez

    I’m 24

    fav site is

    in terms of improving the website I think maybe the layout could be changed a little, and adding more updates

    black speakers keep up the good work

  12. Just turned half century plus 6.
    Google has been my favorite because it has guided me in the right direction so many times.
    You guys have it all, how could you possibly make it better!
    Black speakers would be the better looking choice.

  13. 17
    aside from gadget review, it would be, a fan site for flight of the conchords, “new zealand’s fourth most popular comedy folk duo”
    more reviews and updates
    black speakers please

    Thank you for this website!

  14. I’m 30.
    Favorite site other than GR –
    I’d like to see more rupdate eviews in the website
    Black speaker, please

  15. Lesley Gandy

    I’m 40
    Fav site is
    More reviews would make this site even better
    I’d like black please

  16. Ryan Fitzpatrick

    I’m the ripe 28 years of age

    Favorite site [other than GR of course] –

    I’d like to see updates more often.

    Black speakers would be great!

    Keep up the great site!

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