Monthly Archives: November 2007

OLPC Donation Update: We’ve Raised $275


Good news! Techlasers was kind enough to donate enough money for at least one OLPC computer! My Mom also donated some money, so we’re now at $275. We’ve got just 4 days left to raise $124 more dollars. Only you can help. Please send all donations, via Paypal, to

T-Mobile Selling Unlocked $1,500 iPhone


T-Mobile Germany felt the squeeze and has finally given in. What happened you ask? Vodafone whined to the German courts that T-Mobile was dominating the iPhone market by selling a locked version of the iPhone. From Vodafone’s perspective this precluded consumers from choosing an alternative carrier. So to satisfy ‘the...

‘One Laptop Per Child’ Donation Request


I love what OLPC is doing. To further their cause, I am requesting donations (from Gadgetreview readers) to be put towards an OLPC computer. Until 11/26, OLPC is “offering a Give One Get One program in the United States and Canada.” So if you donate (assuming we meet our goal)...

GadgetReview Give Away: A Pair of Audioengine A2 Speakers


If you read my review then you’ll know that these speakers are the ‘bomb’. From now until Cyber Monday (that’s the Monday after Thanks Giving) I’ll be giving away a pair of Audioengine A2 speakers ($200 value) courtesy of the wonderful guys at Audioengine. If you’re looking to purchase a...

iPhone Launches in the UK


The iPhone launches in the UK in about 30 minutes (I’m PST US time). Based on Dialaphone’s research no one really cares over there. Are the English not Apple fans? What gives? 15 people in line at the Apple store…???...

Verizon LG Voyager Preorder and Arrival Date


Verizon’s LG Voyager is now available for preorder. My brain is conjuring up the stampede noise and an image of masses of people stuck in a small door way. How much? $299.00 with a two year contract – $100 more then the current 8GB iPhone. Is it a good deal?...

Forecasting Umbrella with LED now Available for Purchase


A ways back we reported on this crazy concept called the ‘Forecasting Umbrella‘. At the time it was just that, a concept. Thanks to the guys and gals at ThinkGeek they’ve brought Seattle, Boston…well, crappy weather located folks – some fortuitous power. The Ambient Forecasting Umbrella is actually a top...

T-Mobile Shadow Announced and Now Available for Purchase


T-Mobile announced their latest and greatest phone a few days ago. Called the T-Mobile Shadow, it’s exclusively available from T-Mobile and it apparently “strikes a unique balance of design and functionality so you can easily share life’s fun moments with those who matter most.” Let’s just wait until the review...