iPhone Killer: LG Voyager (Verizon)

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138 Comments to iPhone Killer: LG Voyager (Verizon)

  1. woww, you guys are judgingg the phone when you barelyy knoww!! i have the voyager. its ahmazingg.i love the touch screen, and the keyboard is so easy to type on. and lg is greeat. they have really good service. never breaks up and good quality phones. the 1100 is coming outt soon. cant wait. they are hopefully going to fix all the problems you had with it so far. sometimes it turns off but thats because it cant find signal. it also has the best cameraa. it has some bad things like the battery runs out in a day, so just charge it at nightt. and the iphone only has touch screen. wouldntt you get sick of it?! the voyager has a keyboard and a touch screen.

  2. I just up graded my phone to the Voyger… recieving it tomorrow FedEx- I think it’ll work fine, just txting and calling is all I want it for.. Never touched the iPhone, so can’t complain about that high tech BS. I got my Voyger for $31.29- Was a pretty good deal, didn’t have to wait for rebates or anything.. go online and do your upgrades, cheaper in the long run.. even if you have to wait a day!

  3. No phone is perfect, it’s true. But “LG” quality is very poor, everyone knows this. This extends by the way to all “LG” products, not only cellphones. My advice is: don’t ever get a phone by “LG”. Good brands are: Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry, Palm. Motorola has serious battery issues, so that’s a no-no as well.

  4. Sophie Laughlin

    I luv the voyager!! When it first came out my daddy bought it for me and it is the best phone ever!! On my other phone i couldn’t 3 way call and now i can talk to all my BFFs!! Also now i can get more bars in more places like before i couldn’t talk to my BFFs when i went to Paris or Hawaii but now i can talk when i want and where ever i want! i love the voyager! its the bomb but not literally…hehehe
    xoxoxo sophie

  5. i have the voyager, i paid 350 but will receive my 50 dollar rebate check in the mail soon. so in the end i will have paid 300 bucks. its a really good phone i got a 2 gb micro sd so i have a ton of memory. i think.the reception is really good as usual with verizon. i have never touched an i phone so i cant compare the phones. i will say that verizon has had unbeatable service. tmobile had so much dropped calls it was insane. thats why i switched to verizon a while ago. i like the set up of the phone. it does freeze up sometimes (the touch screen) but i can deal with it. one thing i really dont like is that i cant save alot of the vcast videos. or put them in my favorites to look at them faster but othwr than that i like the phone alot. whoever gets the phone will b happy and with verizon service anyone would b happy lol

  6. k i serriously want this phone!!!!!! plz someone teell me if it is available in Canada and where to get it. also i was wondering if it not availble in canada then um is it posible to get it shipped out here? nd have all the same features????

  7. Hey from a Younger aged group I say both fones ROCK! It give you the option of get a phone with a touch screen with out switching companies like everyone did with the Iphone but both are fab My dad has the Iphone and I have the voyaguer because it matchs my personality

  8. ok, well im getting the Voyager today and well i think both phones are the same. My friend has an iphone and she likes it alot but i could care less if i got the ipone or the voyager… =)


  9. kelly u need to settle down these reviews are not made so u can insult cultures!! geez…………………………. you should be nice to mr. sung. show some respect you spoiled brat!!!!!

  10. bobby mcadams

    i know exactly!!!!! tisk tisk u should have waited for the iphone 2 verizon ppl are cheapos!!!!
    and just wonderin but is the keyboard as fabulous as advertised???

  11. Yasmin Burdette

    I have the voyager for about 3 months now and I love it, but when I bought the phone I didn’t get no case, no car charger ohhh come on if I am spending alot a money for a new phone I should get something with it ?????????????

  12. yall are all being retarded look i like the voyager but i have at&t so do ya think i can get it??? uh, no i cant.the iphone looks awesome and all but i am a big texter so i wana keyboard.get your gay voyager out of the way and wait for the iphone 2 it will dominate all!

    bye ☼☼☼

  13. The Voyager is dependable, durable, and conveniant. Verizon’s not trying to hide the fact that it’s expensive which is why I like them. It’s a beautiful phone from an excellant network.

  14. I hate comparing the iPhone and Voyager. As Toma said, both phones have their pros and cons. And they’re just phones. Why do some people get so hot and bothered about the ‘iPhone competitor?’.

  15. iPhone killer my ass.

    Everybody knows that all the so-called “killer” devices (Apple copies, really) have never even knocked a dent in the real thing.

    The truth: Voyager is a compromised knock off product.

  16. dood get over it their different networks. If the voyager is as everyone says an “iphone killer” take ur iphone CANCEL it and get the voyager & stop hating on it. Its a PHONE get over it people

  17. I own an iphone, i remember getting it when it first came out!
    thinking damn this is all high tech. its costed an arm and leg!
    for a while i was diggin the phone. but there are too many things i dont like about it! like the whole not being able to text picture! & the bad youtube quality…. I WANT A BETTER PHONE!!!

    P.S the competition for the voyeger would have to be
    the helio oceon, phone… its pretty cool! i think im getting one of those… :P


    What ought to be a single command or step is often multiple steps. It is loud in quiet places and static-riden and indescernable in loud places. The music sounds like a bad 60’s transistor radio. The “speaker phone” is on or off, no volume control and on is not very loud. The battery dies quickly. The touch pad is tempermental. It is unreliable, having turned itself off three times randomly, today alone. VCast Television does not exist. The sound quality of a normal call (on both ends apparently) is awful. The locking feature is ridiculous. It takes three unlocks to listen to voice mail! (that does not include calling up the keyboard, speeddialing voice mail and entering the password. Then to save or delete a message often requires still another unlock. It is a “dumb” phone, not a smart phone, so forget downloading programming and true websurfing…… Oh I could go on……

    Now.. let me talk for a moment about the $120 Jawbone Bluetooth headset. THAT SUCKS TOO! The “custom ear pieces dont fit, none of them. The sound quality is fair at best and poor at worst. The noise cancelling technology simply makes a bad call sound even worse. It is not intuitive. The “talk” main function button is so small, my fingers have trouble finding it. The parts are cheap and some have already broken in one single day of “normal” use.

    I am giving serious thought to going back to the store and getting the $9.95 phone. Maybe I ought to switch cell service providers while they are at it.

  19. Both of the phones are cool, but I’ll personally buy the voyager because it flips open and it costs about $400 less than the iPhone. Plus, iPhone commercials are getting on my nerves. I hate that one commmercial where the guy is saying that the iPhone’s so great because “when you get a voicemail, I don’t have to listen to it – I just skip over it! It’s amazing!” Phones have been doing that for a very, very long time now. Still, the iPhone’s advanced and pretty darn cool. I’m not denying that.

    But the voyager’s better. Way better.

  20. i think both phones are great because the iphone has many features thaat the voyager dosent have but the voyager does have the key board and the tv which is a nice feature as well. if you ever get sick of the touch screen or its hard to text on it you can open the voyger and use the keyboard. i think the voyager is a big upgrade from the lg enV and we all know that the iphone2 is going to be simply amazing!

  21. iPhone kicks ass

    I have nothing bad to say about the voyager for I’ve never seen it or used it, and I think those of you bashing the iPhone while never having used it yourself are losers. I’m commenting right now using my iPhone at work, and with the wifi capabilities and easy to use keypad, this post won’t take more than a minute. the iPhone is an amazing phone and I’m sure many of you will say the same about the voyager, but just don’t hate on the world’s greatest phone because you’re too cheap to buy an iPhone or hate on those who have one. the iPhone is the best and if you’re not down with that…I got two words for ya: SUCK IT!!!!!

  22. As a cell phone the Voyager VX-1000 is a huge failure. To make a simple phone call you have to access the phone icon… no biggie, but then when you dial a number your keypad display disappears and your phone asks for you to unlock it. So you have to unlock it and then hit the phone icon again to launch the dialer interface. So say if you call into Verizon for tech support, you have 4 touch screen clicks just to be able to enter the 5 layers of numbers for tech support..2…5…4…etc…etc..while driving..very dangerous. Plus the touch screen is un-responsive. After entering 3 digits it tends to hang, and then puts out all the cached digits you’ve entered in frustration. You can not drive when using this beast, it’s not safe. This is clearly a premature release in a faint attempt to match the iPhone. The Voyager doesn’t come close from a usability standpoint. If you like all the other BS things this “phone? does, then go or it, as long as you’re willing to pay the high monthly fees for all the goodies. But beware its internet browser display is about 10% the quality of the iPhone/iPod Touch and you have to pay extra for their very nice 3rd party e-mail client app. And no WiFi. And don’t ever expect to look at your exchange/outlook e-mail over this pig browser. I just wanted a decent phone and I liked the QWERTY keyboard for checking e-mail on the road and I thought this was “IT?, but as a phone, this “lock feature? is a deal-breaker.

  23. I just ordered the voyager online and can’t wait for it to get here. I am coming from a clam phone like i think a lot of people will be. I think I can say poeple with clam phones will be getting this basicly because it’s cheaper than iphone, better network, and face it, no matter what the problems are it is still better and cooler than a clam phone. Your gonna win no matter what!

  24. your majesty

    “iPHONE KILLER” does sound pretty mean . but hey — competition makes the world a lot more interesting ! but i think im about to get the VOYAGER in like 15 minutes ! yay for muah !

  25. hey its krg just leting u know hoe awesome the voyager is.the internet is so amazing. its like using internet on the computer. i am writing this review on the internet on the voyager. i just got it today.and there are so many things it can do that the iphone or the env cant. so overall, the voyager is an iphone killer.

  26. thats retarded. you dont have to get into the philosophy of things. new technology is awesome, and the voyager does amazing things

  27. This is common in our culture today. We hate things because they are either great or because nobody shuts up about them (e.g. Titanic, MySpace, Tickle Me Elmo)

    Oh, and it is a marketing technique people. The iPhone doesn’t have video recording, and a list full of these other gadgets for a reason — so that when they unveil newer versions of the iPhone in the future, they will have something else to market — same with the Voyager and same with every other product out there.

    I havn’t played with the Voyager, but now, nothing beats the iPhone. It’s been said too many times to be coherent to all of you, and I don’t blame you for not listening or disagreeing, but understand the iPhone is, right now, the greatest phone.

    And if the Voyager ever proved to be more versatile, smoother, easier, better-looking than the iPhone — it wouldn’t have been where it is today without the iPhone.

  28. I ordered the Voyager a couple days ago and verizon said it wouldn’t ship until the 28th! its so frustrating. this phone fricken sweet though!


  30. Chris: i have the enV right now and want to upgrade..i thought the enV would be big and bulky because i switched from a Razr. once i got it i got used to it and it didnt feel bulky at all becaue i was afraid of that too. Does anybody know if the Voyager can somehow view videos on Youtube? because when i was looking at it, youtube on the internet was amazing and all but i couldnt go to view the videos because it didnt have a flashplayer or something??i was kinda mad, does anyone know how to get it??

  31. This phone is incredible. I just saw the commercial on TV and I was blown away. Just when the touch screen resembled the iphone, it opens up to reveal the keyboard part and that’s when I was sold to the phone. I wanted it so badly, OMG. I cannot believe the Verizon Wireless is getting better and better phones month by month.

    Sheese… my parents are planning on switching to the AT&T/Cingular but now I have to convince them to get Verizon so I can get this phone. It looks gorgeous.

  32. The Voyager looks absolutely amazing! I have the new chocolate and i dont like it very much so i am probably going to exchange it for the Voyager, which i know is a huge upgrade. But i think it will be worth it.
    Does anyone who has a Voyager think it is big or bulky? I am afraid it will be a large phone but because of the full keyboard it basically has to be quite big.
    So if anyone has any advice just send it my way please.

    GO VOYAGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. ok i have to agree with BOSS for some reasons. Even though i love the Voyager and begged my parents to let me buy an enV, the iPhone is still a good competetor. Some cons about the Voyager(i was just at the mall on the weekend and played with it for 2 hours,, yeah no life i kno,,) but anyway some things i didn’t like were that i tried to go onto youtube to watch some vids, but it wouldnt play any videos because the phone didn’t have Java Script or sommething. True, the iPhone has a mucchhh more intricate touch interface, but the iPhone is JUST a touch screen phone. At 400 $ it damn well better be good, since thats all it has to rely on. Unlike the cleverly made Voyager, it has a convenient(not as sweet as the iphone’s) but a nice and convenient touch screen. It’s a little slow with the scrolling on the web browser but still it works. And Lg wouldn’t invest all their time into making the touch screen amazing when it has an internal screen AND a keyboard to make texting better then before. I dont have any experience with the iPhone personally, but I’ve heard that the internet works more efficiently then the Voyager’s does. it took be about 10-15 seconds to load up an internet screen on the Voyager…I think it takes only a few seconds on the iPhone. Summing it up, I think the internet is a little quicker then the Voyager’s and a better touch screen, but on tha other hand, its got pooorrrr textiong in my opinion.. and i need texting in life..im not hatin on the iPhone..but its kind of a bitch..i like the voyager alot better..it fits me more..peacee

  35. I JUST GOT THE VOYAGER IT IS THE BEST PHONE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. iPhone and all cell phones need to be allowed to operate on a network of YOUR choice. Verizon, still gets better marks than AT&T, if anything, AT&T will hurt iPhone, more than be unique with bragging rights.. but, if u want to bury any technology, limit its use.
    no matter how great it is, if the network it’s on sucks, u have a and expensive fly swatter..or a large brick to throw at a window, ok, but it is too small to work as a door stop. The other item, all cell phones should have a wi-fi option, (VoIP) (use ANY wi-fi network .) along with multi-band use.. anything less is unacceptable.

  37. Oh my thiis phone iis effiin hawt haha ii have the Blackberry Curve but thiis phone makes me wanna swiitch over to Verizon haha sooo juiice lubbz iit

  38. Ok Now this Phone is sick, I personally dont like the way
    the i-phone looks, its fat.:P
    But I can’t find the voyager in canada, do they not
    sell it here?!!?
    or if i bought one off ebay are the usa chip/phones or something
    like that different from Canadas so it wouldnt even work?

  39. Melanie lopez

    omg..im gonna make my mom buy this for me..i love it…i want it for muy irthday.. = ] oh dang i love this phone …this is way tooooooo

  40. I figured i would put my 2 cents in. I’ve owned an iPhone, Great phone as far as the network is well no comment. but take a couple steps back and look at the big picture what you guys are comparing is like comparing apples and oranges. Ford & Chevys.
    The voyager is a flip device and the iphone is a brick device. 2 totally differnt things. I now own the voyager and it is a very nice phone has cons just like the iphone. So we all should concider not arguing about a phone and network. Coverage all depends on where you live or what not. Later.

  41. Ok, lets talk. I have an iphone, and my brother has a voyager. He now is pisses because we compared the two and wants an iphone. Verizon is a better network than at&t, but the voyager is NOT a better phone. First off, the qwerty keyboard. WTF its just like the enV’s, and the iphones keyboard is still not better while texting. Unless i recieve an update from apple which allows landscape testing, I like the voyager’s keyboard for this. But while brousing safari on it iPhone, landscape view is incredable, with included landscape typing. Despite all the lies, its incrediably easy to type on the iPhone. Next, to the music….why talk about it iPod vs. Cell phone mp3 player. Lmao. Ok, now to the memory. An internal 8gb memory standard, compared to a 40-60 dollar MicroSD chip. No. The touch screen on the iPhone is at a level that the voyager cannot compare to. Scrolling thru pics & music and everything else is just so sexy, and the voyager’s touch screen is like a vibration feedback ATM touch screen. The voyager does have customizable almost everything when it comes to sound and view. It has verizon TV, GPS, and Vcast. The iPhone has no GPS or live TV, but it does have youtube and google maps. Atvantage verizon. But with all these features, comes an out at the ass price tag. $20 unlimited data for iPhone. Atvantage At&t. Plus no WiFi on voyager, just 3g data. If you understand what edge is, its 2.5g data. I’ve taken the two phone and compared going to NFL.com on both. SURPRISINGLY its almost the same amount of time to fully load the web page, both without flash video on the brouser. I’ll admit the voyager was slightly faster, but the slowest WiFi network is extreamly faster than the castes 3g network, so the iPhone wins that battle. The speaker phone is better on the voyager and does extreamly suck on the iPhone. But anyone who really evaluates the two phone in hand and not just to be bias because of the service providers, you will understand that the phone are abou EVEN. When it comes to there respective strong points, they each hold there own. It really is up to what the buyer prefers. But when it comes to using an jailbroken (google it) iphone the possiblities are so mutha fuckin endless its not even a competition. I play madden & super mario 3( just to name a few) on my iphone. I can change my main screen, sounds, and almost everything else on my iphone to what I want it to be. Not to mention its all FREE. I do now have GPS. I can email songs in my 780 song music library to anyone. I have a touch screen version of guitar hero, and can do everything people say the phone can’t. My iPhone is THE fuckin best phone in the world hands down. Its impossible to have half of these features on a voyager. Trust me go to modmyifone.com and anyone who claims a voyager is better ….get ready to shit yourself. But when it comes to out of the box phones they are about even, but apple can update whenever they want to and add new features. Sorry post is so long, but I just wanted to clear things up. Oh yeah…. I’m posting from my iPhone.

  42. With verizon’s new plan, which allows all phones on its network, more people will probably have a voyager, oh and by the way apple sucks iDick

  43. I just ordered the voyeger today and can’t wait to get it! I presently have the EnV which I liked alot; however, I only had it 3 months before the main screen started freezing up on me and blanking out. So, I hope i’m happier with the voyeger. I paid $312.00 plus 2 months free service for my phone (I already had a contract with Verizon). Stop fighting! It’s just a cell phone, life is so short…

  44. fuck fuck fuck all the way the i phone is way better MF’S hahahahahahahahahahahahahahha happey christmas 00100

  45. I must say that alot of the people making derogatory comments about the iPhone must not have used one, let alone seen one being used.

    I am currently posting this on my iPhone and I laugh at the people that say that At&t has horrible service. I have traveled to multiple states with family recently and my phone was the one getting used the most because it was the ONLY one with service.

    I used the Voyager yesterday at my local Verizon store and the phone feels cheap and as if it would be toast after being dropped once.

    Also for the nimrod that posted above saying that the iPhone costs 800$….. Maybe you should do some research because it is only 399$.

  46. i luv verison! ha take that at&t…ne chance of getting it for xmas?? how much is it and when will it go on sale?
    pleeease respond…thnx

  47. I have Verizon so I can’t compare the iPhone to the Voyager for obvious reasons.. But I bought the Voyager last week and absolutely adore it. The end.

  48. I just check out the voyager ..it feel cheap…it’s hard to use..it has nothing Iphone about it …it just a bigger phone with way to much thing going on ..just a real disappointment …..I’ll wait for the Iphone to come to verizon…voyager is just not very well done…:(..check it out for yourself..it plain simply sucks ..maybe motorola will do something better…

  49. All i have to say is that the i dont care what anybody of you say… the iPhone did copy LG. As how the Prada phone was announced to be released in Asia about two months before the iPhone did come out. Apple Inc. at corporate took the idea and made it their own just in time before the release of LG in the Asian market. So in actuality.. the LG Voyager is part of LG. Now LG is taking it in its own hands for multi-million dollar suits in its appropriated countries, for the creative stealing idea of the original Prada phone from LG. Thank You.

  50. i purchased a voyager , i did not get it yet….due dec 15th……..verizon is # 1 network standing…bar none……..affordable rates…..amazing phones……..please explain to me why you would spend 800 on an i hpone when u can buy an ipod and a voyager for cheaper…….. the best of both worlds really….i honestly think the iphone bit off more than it can chew….to much stuff on one phone for it to handle….

  51. I got the Voyager right when it came out and i think the phone is pretty damn sweet. I was upgrading from a typical clamshell device, so using a striaght phone again is a bit hard when holding aginst your head with your shoulder, but use a bluetooth and consider that issue solved. The web browser is a bit lacking, but who would sit on their phone and surf the web with all of the other ways to surf. However, it does serve its worthyness. I was driving the other day and needed a phone number, typed in yellowbook, typed in store name and location, got the number, called it and got the info i needed. Again, functional for what it is. As for the guy who traded it in right after he got it, you should have spent more time looking thru the menus. You CAN change the font type, the size, the sounds of rings, txt, emails, pretty much everything on the phone. The phone does not feel cheap, it solid and has strong hinges. The camera is nice, but no flash. It gives you several ways to view the clock on both internal and external screens. It has about 184mb of internal memory and IS upgradable via microSD. All in all, im use to getting things 2 years after they come out, however i got this the day it came out and i think the price a bit steep but its a great phone to upgrade to for all of the features it offers. Mobile email, music phone, Mobile TV, GPS. There are several big $$ items i dont have to carry because i have this phone now.

  52. Im gonna lay it out for all users and owners of the iphone or voyager. Apple is not leading the industry with the touch screen or or sophisticated style. The voyager does however have limited web browsing although its advertised as “full html web browsing” but if you know anything about browsing it takes much more than html to view complete web. LG and or HTC is leading the industry with there phones. Look up LG Prada or HTC advantage. For verizon customers you are gonna have to stick with a blackberry or a pda, smartphone. Those do have the capabilities of the i phone and more. Also the voyager software is the same software used on the chocolate(not very good) comparatively. The other bad thing about verizon is they do not offer phones with wifi or the 3G network wich other companies do. Even the phones they carry are capable such as black berrys its just the verizon versions. Also there is not gonna be much difference in the so called i phone 2 it simply smaller, with a smaller hard drive, that other phones arent limited to with the micro sd chip.

  53. i still can’t get ov er the awwwwsommme voyager! someone tell me how great it is cuz im crazy right now cuuz i wanna knooooow
    holla at cha uurl!

  54. okay so this phone is AMAZING and i cant wait until i get it. i like how everyone is fighting about it being not better than the iPhone… wow i wanted an iPhone but AT&T’s service sucks, and all of the people who bought the iPhone are jealous because they paid a ton of money for bad service so they can get the stupid iphone and now verizon has a killer phone and gets service everywhere!. you can beat that can you?

  55. i think it’s great that verizon is coming out with a new phone that looks (or at least seems) like an iphone. I like the idea because now it’s not only singular that has a great new phone, but now verizon does. If you han’t notices, i really think making this new LG Voyager phone was a really good idea and i hope that poeple start to agree with me.

  56. This phone is so sexyy. i want itt so i asked my sister (she pays for my fone bills) if i can get it after its released, and she said ok. yay im so excited cuz this fone is basically like an iphone and an enV combined….sort off haha i hate my razr so i’ll be glad to get a new phone. well this is an awesome phone. VERIZON ROCKS!

  57. Hello,
    I personally think that the voyager is better it has better camera and i like the txting keyboard.


  58. it nice but i dont like the part where u got to flip it i think it would b better if u and slide it like the wing but hell yea verizon is the best!!!!!!ima get this phone really soon

  59. I’m just wondering how much the LG voyager will cost if you are renewing your two year plan… does anyone know?

  60. Bought it. Used it for a few hours and returned it. The phone feels cheap and is difficult to use. Hard to explain how pain-in-the-ass it is as a regular phone but its risk free if you already have verizon so go ahead.

    Things that are frustrating:
    No keyboard input from touch screen, except from the notepad app. And, oddly, its not a keyboard but a numberpad with the “abc”, “def”, buttons.
    No orientation.
    Could not browse my pictures unless I flipped it open and went to “display settings” and then “wallpaper”. WTF?
    Retarted sound when you press a button on the touchpad… you can either turn audio off or select a goofy “tune” (not a click). The tunes are very short but amazinly annoying.
    To answer a call you first had to unlock it.

    I can go on… I think the touch screen is largely pointless unlike the iphone… and perhaps a significant software update will improve it from a general usability viewpoint.


  61. Oh yeah, I forgot, Verizon didn’t take the iPhone because Apple wanted to use iTunes for music and video and Verizon wanted to use it’s Vcast for videos and music so Apple said “see ya”. It’s not for the other reason’s you idiots think like “it didn’t live up to Verizon’s standards”. Did you make that up or something? Secondly, the iPhone HAS a Qwerty keyboard and has “smarttext” which, even if you have fat fingers, knows what you are trying to say and puts it in the texts. It’s actually quite a remarkable thing. Use it first before you bash it and do some research.

  62. I agree with Jo. I just switched from Verizon to ATT for the iPhone and it is so much better than any phone I have ever had. Verizon phones have always been the worst and at the lowest grade of technological advancement. This is just another copycat that wont live up.

    Verizon was so upset that I had gotten the iPhone and was leaving that they offered me 3 months free service and a free new top of the line Blackberry. That there tells me that they are losing a lot of people to the iPhone. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Verizon and they have great service and customer support but their phones always sucked. So far I have had great reception with the iPhone and battery. I listen to music, watch youtube, do email, browse the web, and can use it all day with out recharge. My last smartphone, the Q, did not do that. I guess we’ll see what this Voyager is all about and if it can out do the iPhone which I doubt. Plus, you’re stuck with that stupid Vcast BS. Peace.

  63. Its amazing how all these phones think that their phones are so revolutionary, while the iphone is so technologically advanced that it blows all these other phones out of the water

    good try

    i say all phone companies just give up

    i cant even imagine what the 2nd gen iphone will do

  64. The Voyager (LG VX 1000) looks like a nice addition to the VZW lineup. So long as they don’t cripple it’s internal GPS, it should have a welcome reception.

    That said, let’s get down to business. VZW has to be the most ultra-conservative cell phone network provider in the country! They have a tendency to stifle innovative products on the cutting edge of technology, stick to old, outdated hardware for much too long, and don’t leverage their top-end CDMA network for Location Based Service applications, except for VZ Navigator.

    So, aside from “the network,” what is the draw? Well, location location location. CDMA has a push into rural markets that GSM sometimes doesn’t have, although that’s narrowing faster every day, and *will* catch up with VZW if they’re not careful.

    I use a BlackBerry 8830 World Edition, and the lack of GPS availability due to the crippling of that native ability by VZW has left me cold. I’ve just filed my second Better Business Bureau complaint regarding the GPS issue. We’ll see how it goes.

  65. jeez i just ended my contract with verizon and i was going to switch to t mobil or some thing but this phone is forcing me back to verizon

  66. Is it gonna be $350 after the mail in rebate, without a contract? because i know on their website it has the phone for $300 with a 2-yr contract. I just want to know how much its gonna be if i already have verizon and want to keep my number.

  67. Yeah.. I’m good with my Sidekick 3.

    I had a enV a while ago when I was on verizon, and I didn’t like it at all.

  68. People are confused, The voyager is not a smart phone, blackberry or pda. It shouldnt have wifi. It is just a normal verizon phone except with a touch screen. Verizon is awsome anf fast and this phone is awsome. go to phonearena.com. there are some other awsome phones coming out such as the samsung flipshot.

  69. There is no other service out there that can compete with Verizon. I’ve been with sprint and cingular(at&t) they both do not compare the the reception I get with verizon. I’ve been wanting to get an Envy for awhile, but knowing the Voyager is coming out who cares. As for the Iphone..now really their marketing scheme is brilliant, but that’s the only reason why people are getting that phone. The Voyager, even without marketing, will be the #1 phone this 4th quarter…for sure.

  70. I have several co-workers who left Verizon for AT&T to get the iPhone only to switch back because of the sever disappointment in the service and the phone itself. No picture messaging, difficult to text, poor battery life and very spotty coverage. I just got the Samsung i760 and I will be taking it back for the Voyager. The one thing that I do hope for is that the Voyager is FULLY INTERNET CAPABLE, like the iPhone. When put up against my BRAND NEW, TOP OF THE LINE SAMSUNG, the iPhones internet capabilities make my phone look like Get Smarts shoe phone. Thats probably the only thing that iPhone has on Verizon.

  71. i think the voyager is going to be just as good and the voyager can play movies but it dont have the tilt mode for when you move the phone around they r both good

  72. What is happening yall! But o’curse iM down with teh “V” I have an EnV phone and its chill but I will be getting the Improved V-cell. My plan is for all ya fools out there

    Wait in line in the cold and stuff just to get it first
    Then if you all cry like little girls then the phone is not good

    If you all act like a kid on their bday then I will roll to the store flip out my black card and purchase the Vphone.

    it seems like its gonna be a good phone so don’t worry you weak minded buyers that get brainwashed with advertisments…I think you all be ok with this phone…

    I’ll see you all a week after the release date!!
    “The strongest at mind, body and soul will always survive and control”–V. Darwin knew what he was talking about!

  73. I’m pretty sure the voyager will be the front runner this season on the phone to have. Verizon will always be the leader in reception. Now it will be in first place when the voyager hits the stand. The same people who cancelled contracts with verizon to get their hands on the iphone will hop their asses back to verizon to get their hands on the voyager. I returned the iphone because I was very disappointed in the reception…..I hope the voyager will take care of that problem. I will buy it, no matter what the cost is…….

  74. dem skittles

    hey i think its a killer…i want the phione so badly i hpe the phone isnt to expensive…i hope the 2 year contract is for 160-200 but im not sure

  75. robert cocknass

    The voyager is a phone made for gods. The iphone was made for queens so if you are a tranny buy the iphone. If not get the voyager.

  76. Something you may not know…Verizon Wireless was offered the I-phone FIRST but PASSED on it because it didn’t meet their standards. Can’t remove the battery, can’t insure the handset, etc, etc. They took the idea and built on it creating their own version. AND NO, it is not EXACTLY like the I-Phone. The phone flips open to access the qrty keyboard to do texting etc. Something you may have a hard time doing with the I-phones touch screen and fat fingers. Anyway, Don’t HATE if you fell victim to the I-phones advertising…Prepare to take a ride on Verizon Wireless’s Voyager!

  77. The Voyager is an improved version of the popular LG enV, which was quite original (not couting the older V). Yes they added a touch screen, something that the iPhone has, but the Voyager is still certainly a unique phone. It not only has the touch screen, but a full QWERTY keyboard, making it a better phone for texting than the iPhone. On top of that, it is more powerful than the iPhone in several ways including the fact that it fact that it has a full HTML web browser and A2DP support. The iPhone is nothing original, it’s just hyped up. It is not the first phone to be entirely touch screen based. Before you call the iPhone original, you should look up the LG KE850 Prada, which was released several months before the iPhone. Apple is just good at getting attention. Despite what many people think, the iPod was not the first mp3 player and its touch sensitive controls could be found on a handfull of devices before the iPod had it. Apple is not original.

  78. Hey i have the iphone and the verizon looks like an exact copy. They should come up with something original instead if taking apples idea. And why all the hate on iphones. Verizon will never kill it I mean never. I like Verizons new phone but it think they could have made it alt different lookin from the iphone. Anyways The iphone rocks and thats that

  79. Ya, I phones are gay as hell, Ive messed around with them, and I have a pocket pc, which is pretty damn sick , touch screen top of the line smart phone. It makes people with iphones kind of mad, because its already almost just as sick. But I hate this damn thing, and I will get the voyager. Now quit telling everyone the realease date damnit! I don’t feel like waiting in a big ass line. But thanks, its good to know. LOLOLOL, Peace~~~

  80. Apparently the voyager is GPS enabled, but i want to see if the voyager even has an internet browser with the zoom in and out feature. For all of those wondering if verizon or cingular is better, i would vouch for verizon. I have used both servicies and I would agree with Cingular’s motto which is “The Service with the Least dropped calls” which makes perfect sense because they they also have the least connected calls. Trust me, Iphone does look tempting but its best if you wait for iphone to be compatible with verizon. And for side information, Verizon was apples first choice to be the carrier of the iphon, not cingular, but because apple wanted to manage its own distribution and prices (as you can see you can only get the iphone for $400 and no one has been offering discounts besides the one apple gave 600-400) Verizon rejected apple’s offer

  81. Oh! Thanks verizon now i can say that i have an iphone. My upgrade time for my phone is nov-24-2007 so i am going to get it.

  82. This phone looks amazing, and so much easier to text message with becuase of the full key board. If you ask me i think it is just a major upgrade from the enV, just with a touch screen. All touch screen phones don’t have to be compared with the iPhone.

    oh by the way the price is going to range between 249.99-299.99

  83. I know this is probably a dumb question, but what is the internet capability. My g/f has a Motorola Q which sucks! She can’t access a lot of things. Will this be a full “real” internet capable phone? I can’t imaging it wouldn’t be. Regardless, I am so happy that I flaked on getting an upgrade when I became eligible four months ago. Procrastination rocks!

  84. I will most likely be returning my Razor2 for a Voyager because I wantr to stick with Verizon. Voyager pros seem to mainly be the keyboard, but unlike the iphone, I don’t see anything about it being able to play movies like the iPhone, and I have no clue how smooth the interface will be. Hopefully a video demo will be available soon.

  85. Seriously, like I’ve got to get the LG Voyager. It is quite simply, ‘the bomb’, yo. I got an iPhone, but the LG Voyager is going to be THE BEST CELL PHONE EVAR!! I gots to have it!

  86. Geezzz, look at these weirdos above me, they must have no life! I do have a life and it’s going with my boyfriend teo! He needs a haircut though and some proactiv stuff!

    But its a phone, sureee let’s go make love it, let’s not & say we did!

    Love you all!

    -mrs. wendy aviles

  87. Where do we start?

    Like oh my god! We seriously have fallen in love with this phone. Everyday we are in classs we seriously just ponder and sdmire it’s beauty! We absolutely love it, we would make love to it, and we will! On November 18th, we will go camp out the night before it comes out, and just seriously dram about it, and just stalk it through the windows. No kidding, y’all. Just look at it, iut’s uber sexy! So hot, all the buttons that you can touch, and whoopie itll take you to another screen. Ahhhhhh! This is eriously way better than the phat iPhone! OMGOSH, diego is like licking the screen beside me of just the voyager. and of course im on the verizon’s site of it, just staring it. OMGOSH country, WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! AHHH! UBER SEXY!


  88. tina banieena

    i am also goin to but this, my dad has an i phone and he hates it. I want a voyager

  89. OMG!!!!!!!!! yes i knew it was coming……i saw another website and it said that its coming in november and thats when my upgrade for my phone is.hold on,yes my dad said i can get!!!!!!YEAH!!!! i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE VERIZON WIRELESS I SERISLY LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

  90. You can’t call a phone an iphone killer when it won’t serve the same market. Verizon has a certin network and can’t use an iphone if they offered the iphone and the voyager together then anyone could make the case of an iphone killer. If i could get an iphone i would have it but i just don’t want to switch my network.

  91. Apple’s iPhone is NOT a few steps ahead. When it was announced it came out with EDGE when it should have been UMTS to be more with the current data technology. Be real. Nice phone, but it didn’t have everything thought out for the times.

  92. Monk, you just hold tight, shortly after the voyager is released, both phones will be history…iPhone 2.
    Apple always is a few steps ahead, all the rest follow.

  93. sounds like John Toma bought an IPhone, and doesnt want people to speak badly of a device on which he spent his hard earned dollars…. boo hoo!

  94. Why all the hate? Both the Iphone and the LG Voyager will serve different people with different requirements. Both phones have their pros and cons. No phone is perfect. Stop bashing and get over it.

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