AirBus A380 Private Suite
This one was just too cool to pass up. The new Airbus A380 is absolutely massive. It can hold a whopping 800+ people if stacked with just economy seats. Who would opt for that lay out, especially if you’re trying to drive brand allegiance and equity. That’s why you install a few private suites that include bed and TV. Apparently a movable wall can be manipulated and allow for two twin beds to be pushed together. Based on the pic it looks like it’s not entirely closed off since it features an open ceiling (you can see the sliding door in the mirror’s reflection, though). The 23″ flat screen TV and mood lighting are a fantastic touch. Cost of the suites? Probably upwards of $15,000 per trip…anyone know? For the maiden voyage one passenger paid just over $100k for two suites. Marketing slogan: “Joining the mile high club has never been so easy”. Surprisingly its the most fuel efficient and quietest passenger jet ever built.

More pics here.

Christen Costa

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