3d Mailbox LogoThis is one of the most intriguing Web 2.0 apps I’ve ever seen, hands down. What is it? Simple. It’s a 3d Avatar represented version of your email. It apparently works with any email system including web based email, such as GMAIL (aka POP mail). Comes in two versions: ‘free’, which is represented by Miami beach; and ‘paid’, which is represented by LAX (Los Angeles International Airport). The LAX one sounds abundantly cooler as international email is represented by the appropriate airline based on origin, and SPAM can be ‘shot down’. The paid version gets you LAX and a few extras, such as same day tech support. Free on the other hand takes 1-3 days for tech to respond. I have images of a tech staring at an email requesting help simply because some fools wanna make a quick buck – definitely not the way to get people to upgrade or ‘word of mouth’ your product. Check out the below video for more details. Warning, you might need to use your in-flight barf bag – woooha!

Worlds Worst Email App Gets Worse: Aircraft Simulation Meets Inbox [TechCrunch]

Christen Costa

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