Slim Mouse
I recently got my mitts on the 2P Slim Mouse. Clearly its designed for the road warrior as its footprint is slighty larger then a credit card and just 3-4 credit cards thick. Unfortunately, its slender physique makes too many sacrafices.

The Slim Mouse is all straight lines with no soft curves – i.e. ergonomics are lacking. Again, this is largely attributable to its slender size but still, I’d like to go more then 15 minutes without direct pressure on my palm.

Its slim, there’s no doubt about that. Unfortunately, the manufacture, 2p, had to make some sacrifices to accomplish this. The USB plug is no more then the USB chip itself which makes it difficult to plug-in, especially under poor lighting conditions. The cord running from mouse to USB is very thin and often gets caught when unravelling it from its built-in spool. Lastly, it take more a then a minute to get the Slim Mouse setup for use – you have to fiddle with the USB plug and unravel the cord. I am confident that after one unspooling most users would just wrap the cord around the body of the Slim Mouse like most folks do – no one wants to insert the USB plug and then carefully wind it up insuring that the cord doesn’t get caught in the devices body.

Once plugged in the Slim Mouse seems to suprisingly well. Its appears to be optical, which is nice but pretty standard these days. As it should, the Slim Mouse has two button (aka right click). In my initial testing with my MacBook the optic wasn’t steady, but it seemed to be a fluke. I’d be worried that if I pulled too hard on the cord it might snap off – I often do this to allow for more slack.

The Slim Mouse is ‘slim’, easy to pack away – even in your pocket although its a little heavy – comes in Blue, Pink, Silver and Ivory, and includes a 2 year warranty. Unfortunately, I’d just as soon take a portable mouse that is better suited for long term use. In fact, Google recently gave me a chatsky portable mouse that has a smaller foot print, glows when plugged in and includes a scroll wheel – plus its FREE. So would I spend $70 on the Slim Mouse? No.

To buy and more info go here.

Slim Mouse ConvenientSlim Mouse Schematic

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