Monthly Archives: September 2007

iPod Touch Tech Specs


I took the iPod Touch specs listed on and threw them in what I’ve deemed the correct ‘priority’.  Looks like it lacks Bluetooth! Big Take Aways • 3.5? Display at 480×320 pixels (163 PPI) • Battery does: 22 hours of music, 5 of video • 4.3H-2.4W-0.31D • Weighs 4.2oz...

Ebay Sellers Still Jacking iPhone Buyers


More then 24 hours after the iPhone price drop and Ebay sellers are still pushing them out the door at a premium. You’d think that the Apple event would’ve hit the far reaches of the globe but I guess not. That’s what you get for not reading Gadgetreview. Huh!...

iPod Touch (Touch Screen iPod) Announced


Announced today is the iPod Touch. Some things you should know. – It will come in two sizes: 8GB and 16GB – $299, and $399 respectively. – It will have a WiFi – You’ll be able to download songs via the iTunes WiFi Music Store and it will sync with...

8GB iPhone Price Drop


The 8GB iPhone will drop to $399 starting today. Should we expect the same on the 4GB? I can hear the pitter patter of Apple fans racing to the store! Update: Looks like Apple has discontinued the 4GB (see pic above). I’ve read that the AT&T stores are selling them...

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