iPod Touch (Touch Screen iPod) Announced

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24 Comments to iPod Touch (Touch Screen iPod) Announced

  1. i think its great!!!,with the web apps available on apple.com
    I would also like WAYYY more if their was a stylus…b/c you cant guard the screen w/out one.

  2. PJ , there will be no 1 TB ipod touch. thats to much memory to fit in and ipod. it would be really big if it could hold that much memory.
    1TB = 100GB. now thats alot

  3. Its a flash drive, that how they kept it so small, i think by this time next year they will make a HD version, hopefully identical to the new ipod classic (80GB and 160GB)

    its basically an iphone with no phone, ie, has safari, and youtube.

    I would get one if it could replace my current 80GB video, but since it cant, i cant justify dropping 300 even on something that wont replace entirely what I have, ill end up using both, which would just suck, plus i got a 1st Gen. for jogging and mowing lawns and stuff that its just not logical to carry the bricks.

    Cool product, with time they will realize that people will take the added weight and size for the HD just to get the memory space they need.

  4. I’m a huge apple fan, but i’m truthfully a little dissapointed. No stylus? so i have no choice but to get fingerprints all over it no matter what. Ok, i can overlook that for it’s sheer coolness and it does come with a cleaning cloth.

    What i can’t overlook is the small Harddrive capacity. If i want to carry all my music in one thing i have no choice but to go with an old ipod or some other music player. 16gb, is close to enough, but for 100 dollars more i don’t know if it’s justified. And it apparently doesn’t come with a AC adapter.

    And they may announce this later but i doubt it, but so far there is no option to share music between ipods. What’s the point of putting wi-fi on it if you can’t?

    Mind you i still might get one. But i’m surprised apple didn’t include this stuff.

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