iPod Touch PCMag has got a pretty thorough review of the iPod touch. They’ve basically reiterated what we already knew (slim, sleek and cool) but have reaffirmed our dropped jaws. They’ve also noted a new feature: push the tactile button twice and you can jump right into song control; device locked or not. They’ve also taken a pretty close look at the Wireless iTunes store. You’ll be glad to know that it’s smart. If your signal drops during a download (which they note takes about 15-seconds to process for the average song) it will start up again where it left off when the signal returns to a usable strength – this will probably save your battery life. You’ll also be glad to know that any songs purchased on the iPod Touch will automatically be transferred to your computer once connected. We’ll have to wait on the Starbucks feature which goes live October 2nd, 2007 in NYC and Seattle. Further noted is that they think the Touch’s screen is a bit better featuring deeper blacks – perhaps its just admiration for the ‘no contract device’. Here’s the kicker. You can view YouTube clips but you can’t ‘send to a friend’. This means no built-in email functionality (although you can visit Webmail sites on Safari), at least not yet (fingers crossed and praying at the foot of my bed every night to the Apple Gods). Contacts can be edited, but not calendar events. As with all other iPods there is no FM radio and no recording functionality. Anyway…taking a deap breath…PCMag gave the iPod Touch a 5/5 star rating . Will I buy it? Hell no. I want the iPhone but with 3G and 16GB (more praying to the Apple Gods).

Full review here.

Christen Costa

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