Monthly Archives: August 2007

Acer Snaps up Gateway


A cool $710 million later and you too can own the 3rd largest PC maker in the US. Acer is simply looking to increase it’s footprint here in the US and also prevent Lenovo from making yet another acquisition. What’s shocking is that they purchased the struggling PC maker. Gateway’s...

Paramount Drops Blu Ray For Cold Hard Cash


Paramount has dropped Blu Ray in favor of HD DVD. One, its cheaper to produce HD DVD discs. Two its more “market ready? – whatever that means. And three, HD DVD offered (allegedly) $50 million and $100 million in marketing dollars. Paramount Opts for HD DVD Format [MarketingVox]...

Prediction: New iPod Nanos on 9/18 or 9/25


I don’t know this for sure – it’s a guess, ok – but I am predicting that Apple will release new iPods either on 9/18 or 9/25. Why you ask? We’ll first off Apple is currently running their College Student ‘free Nano (rebate)’ with the purchase of a Mac. This...

Apple Genuis Bar Isn’t So Smart


Unfortunately, my MacBook’s screen began to flicker (known problem) and the Airport card has issues connecting to networks (note that I said plural networks – tested it to make sure it wasn’t just mine).  Fortunately, I am still under my 1 year warranty.   I figured my best bet was to...

New Ugobe’s Pleo (Video) Goes “Wassup”


I’m not going to make any grandiose claims about this new Pleo video. Hard to tell if its real, but from where I stand it looks legit. Plus, who or how did they get three of them? If you recall the “True” Budweiser commercials then you’ll get the vid....

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