Sprint Letter Kicking 1200 Customers to the Curb
Sprint just booted (aka client pruned) 1,200 of their customers. According to Sprint Nextel (and the letter seen here) these folks called their customer service reps too often. According to a Sprint customer service rep the average customer calls once a month. These folks apparently called 40-50 times a month. I’ve heard of client pruning in law firms, but on consumer products, come on Sprint! This is a PR nightmare to say the least. They’re clearly better off keeping these customers and incurring the additional cost then kicking them to the curb and getting all the bad press. The good news is that these folks will get their account balances set to $0 and won’t incur an early termination fees. I am sure some of these folks were looking to go iPhone anyway.

Sprint Boots Customers for “unreasonable requests? [Fort Wayne Observed via Notes From the Digital Frontier]

Christen Costa

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