I gotta be honest…I didn’t take a single puff out of this thing, but its ‘wow’ factor is more then enough to show it off to friends and family. Very easy to use. Just draw back the metal slide, insert the brown or green stuff, pull the trigger and you’re in business. What makes the Solopipe truly unique is the ‘all in one’ build – refillable butane lighter and pipe. The sliding door keeps the ‘tobacco’ safely in place during travel and its solid metal build means you can toss it between friends. I’m not a smoke but I am truly impressed with this device.

Solopipe sideSolopipe EndSolopipe Door

Official site here. No price mentioned on the site and you’ll have to email ( to get ordering info. Sorry, no shopping cart.

Update: My buddy pointed a few key things – only something a smoker would know.

1) What do you do when it gets clogged? There are two screws but this thing don’t look built for disassembling.

2) The screen that holds the (wacky) tobacco doesn’t seem replicable, let alone accessible.

3) Lastly, when’s the last time you smoked out of a metal pipe voluntarily? Comment below if you have some thoughts.

Video below.

Christen Costa

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