Monthly Archives: July 2007

CA Gym Adopts a Wii


This just might explain why them damn Nintendo Wiis are so difficult to find…or not.  A Canadian health club, Studio 55, has opened the first Wii Workout Station.  Its 400 square feet of pure Wii exercise boasting a big screen projection.  The gym’s owner estimates that users can burn up...

The Boyfriend Pillow


I don’t think this needs too much explanation.  The folks in Japan (Kameo) have already sold over 1000 of these since launch in December ’06.  The pillow is only available in Japan and costs about $80 and is available in pink or green (pink is the gay boyfriend). More info...

Netflix Customer Service Wait Times Absurd


So you might have heard that Netflix didn’t meet their customer acquisition goals this past quarter.  Furthermore, their site went down this past Tuesday (7/24) for a few hours.  Then I had my personal Netflix experience. A few days ago a movie wouldn’t play.  I called, they said they’d ship...

Amp’d Goes Bust


Sure, we knew that they filed for Bankruptcy, but based on the filing (Chapter 11) we all thought they’d “restructure their business” and get back on their feet. Doens’t look that way any more. Their site says they’ve discontinued customer service as of yesterday (7/23) and will *probably* suspend –...

Ugobe Sells Out of Pleo


I am afraid so. I had a prebuy ticket but like an apprehensive idiot held out thinking I might jump on the iPhone bandwagon. You can still purchase the green guy at select retailers, though. Amazon seems to have them for Preorder ($349 w/ Free Shipping) and might be a...

SoloPipe is a Smoker’s Delight


I gotta be honest…I didn’t take a single puff out of this thing, but its ‘wow’ factor is more then enough to show it off to friends and family. Very easy to use. Just draw back the metal slide, insert the brown or green stuff, pull the trigger and you’re...’s Traffic is Top 10


According to comScore, is now a top 10 web property.  In May traffic rose to 120 million unique visitors, a 5% increase over April.  The increase can be attributed to iPhone interest.  I had no idea that Apple’s site drove some much traffic.  Surprised they haven’t jumped on the...

Sprint Boots 1,200 Customers b/c Too High Touch


Sprint just booted (aka client pruned) 1,200 of their customers. According to Sprint Nextel (and the letter seen here) these folks called their customer service reps too often. According to a Sprint customer service rep the average customer calls once a month. These folks apparently called 40-50 times a month....

Movie Suggestion: Who Killed The Electric Car


If you haven’t seen this movie see it NOW. It details the demise of GM’s EV1 (one of the first all electric cars). In short, GM created one of the first all electric cars, had a waiting list of people looking to purchase one, and then discontinued not only production...

Unlocked iPhone?


Are we days away from an unlocked iPhone? Some kid not more then a few weeks out of high school has been working with a group of ‘hackers’ to open up the iPhone. Too much tech jargon for me to really understand, but what he does make clear is that...