Apple iPhone WILL Have a SIM Card Slot

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19 Comments to Apple iPhone WILL Have a SIM Card Slot

  1. WAT THE F*CKl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really wont an iphone but if those apple losers arnt goin to put a sim card slot in there is no piont im only 13 i dont have enough money to do a f*cking 2 year contract i just wont to do a f*cking telstra prepaid contract

  2. Help !

    living in Ireland, want to buy an iPhone…

    can i just buy one & transfer my sim card into the iphone & will it work ??

    simple question, does anybody have the correct answer.

    thanks for the help.

  3. Ramesh Jetti

    Can you make it available in India ? If so how long will you take for the shipment ?

    “It’s really quit”

  4. No sim card slot ? Absolutely ridiculous !!! Apple’s made an overly optimistic assumption by expecting to sell 10 million iPhones by 2008 ? Let me remind that iPhone is one of the costliest phones on the market. The customer base is very limited for these high-end smartphones. where would you find 10 million of them ?DO they expect 10 million customers to sign 2 year contracts and pay $500 upfront on top of that ???? Very brave …..they’re basically betting on a racehorse with TWO legs !

  5. SilllyGirl

    So…is the SIM card removable? Will my current ATT/Cingular SIM card fir into the SIM slot?

  6. larry dallas

    hey tony…are you one of those 35 year-old fat guys that sit in your mom’s basement building pc’s out of old cans and shit? j*rk*ng jc penny ad from the sunday paper? i’ll bet you a pack of smokes you are. good luck gettin laid!

  7. Buck Naked

    Tony, you should consider seeing someone about your anger management issues. The fact that a SIM card can inspire you to resort to name calling and hating is a problem – and the worst part is that you won’t or don’t see it that way. I’m sure this post will earn your ire as well.

  8. I was all prepared to camp out – stay in line to get the iphone. It would be my third phone this year. But if Apple in its STUPID wisdom engineered an imbedded SIM, then I must agree with every MAC-haters that Apple went too far. This stupid decision with the marketing genius to limit to ATT and NO 3G will be the reason Apple stock will drop like a rock -30%. If this happens, then I say – GOOD FOR YOU! Too proud to acknowledge the public wants. Freaking tree hugging, hippie fag – Steve and its marketing weenies

  9. The new AT&T Wireless information implies that the existing SIM cannot be moved. Also, there is no voice dialing available?

  10. Dave..your right…but this is from Steve’s keynote so its a little more definitive then the high res photos which only provides conjecture…thanks for adding!

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