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iPhone Lines at AT&T Stores Not So Bad

Anybody been to an AT&T store today? Rumors are circulating that the lines aren't so bad there? If you recall, this was Steve Jobs' recommendation on how to get an iPhone the day of the release which is today.
Cell Phones

How to Get the iPhone for Cheaper

Yuppers...note that I didn't say for 'free'. I'm actually pondering getting an iPhone and realized that my 2 year with Cingular/AT&T is about to end. So I am entitled to renew my contract with Cingular/AT&T and as a 're...

Cell Phones

Apple iPhone WILL Have a SIM Card Slot

Just had a discussion with a coworker. He seemed to think that the iPhone won't have a SIM card - at least that's the rumor he's been hearing. After extensively searching online (Google) the majority seem to agree...except for ...

We’re Back!

Hi Guys, After much down time I've decided to come back and write.  Sorry for those that I haven't gotten back to about writer positions.  Things have been a little crazy on my end, but I promise I'll follow up with each and ev...