Cingular Contract SnippetAlthough these aren’t the most ground breaking tips, or absolutely sound without reading the FINE print, they’re still useful and reaffirming when it comes to Cingular contract manipulation. I’ve put my faves below, but you’ll have to head over to the Consumerist for the complete list.

• Avoid contract extensions by changing your rate plan at a store. “If you want to change your rate plan, do it in a retail store instead of on-line or over the phone. Officially after 1/2 of your contract is over a rate plan change results in a contract extension, but I’ve never once seen that rule enforced in the store.”

• Get credit for your mistakes. “If you go way over on your text messaging one month, go into a store and ask if they can credit you the difference if you sign up for a bigger text package. They should be able to do this, and you can always drop your text back down after you’ve gotten your credit.”

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