Archive for September 19th, 2014

Auto T-P Dispenser for the Excessive

This was seen like a million and one times on Youtube. As if using the toilet was too much work. On the upside, it could save a tree by preventing over use. Click here to watch.

Clocky the Runaway Alarm Clock Is NOW Available for Purchase

I just got an email from the makers of ‘Clocky: the alarm clock that runs away and hides to get you out of bed? (deep breath, panting...). Back in the dizay (yes, I did just say 'dizay') it was simply a prototype. So if you’re ...


Fujitsu Begins Offering Solid State (Flash Memory) Laptops

Fujistu began ‘offering’ its first set of ‘solid state drive’, or as I have awkwardly called them Flash Memory (hard drive) Based notebooks, today. The drives are set to appear in the touchscreen Lifebook P1610 and B6210. There...