Daily Archives: March 12, 2007

iPod Tower of Sound: The iTower Omega


We’ve seen designs like this before but none quite so slim (5? wide). Keep in mind that it’s from the makers of the questionable Ionic Breezes, but that doesn’t mean every tower of power they put out is shite. The iTower Omega features 4 speakers and 2 subwoofers and 1...

Earthquake Alarm Clock


No, it won’t warn you of an impending Earthquake, but it will make your bed shake like one. I guess you could show your bed partner how prophetic you are, but that would just be darn cruel. You know what else would be darn cruel? Setting this thing at max...

Video: One-Wheel Powered Scooter


The guys over at Crunch Gear unearthed video of a one-wheel power scooter that is said to rival (not really) the Segway. We’re talking walking speeds so don’t get too excited and watching the video makes me wanna wear a helmet. Hard to tell where they are, but it certainly...