Monthly Archives: March 2007

New Xbox 360 Available April 29, 2007


It’s official. Microsoft will begin selling its new Xbox, called Xbox 360 Elite, come April 29th. No HD DVD drive, but the ‘new’ machine will sport a larger hard drive (120GB), an HDMI out.  Other items included are a matching black wireless controller, a black Xbox live headset,  and a...

Is That a Projector in Your Pocket or a…Cell Phone?


The small screen on our portable device can sometimes prove frustrating and eye numbing. If Texas Instruments has their way, we’ll all be ‘gorilla projection artists’ and no longer will we attempt to huddle around small handheld device in hopes of catching a glimpse of ‘Sasquatch’ video. Now, we’ve reported...

First Ever Pleo (life like robotic dinosaur) Video


You’ve probably heard of the Pleo by now. It was supposed to be released March ’07 but has been pushed back to Summer ’07 due to some engineering problems (sort of guessing), and Caleb and team’s desire to seek perfection (I think they decided to add yet another sensor). We...

Amnesty International Cellular Service


If you’re trying to clear your conscience – perhaps you hit a small dear or squirrel on your way to the office today – then you might want to consider donating a portion of your cell phone bill. Amnesty International plans to roll out their own cellular service. For $29.99...

MoGo Bluetooth Mouse Review


Digitalreviews got their mitts on a MoGo Bluetooth Mouse by Newton Peripherals. We featured this product some time ago, but at the time I don’t think it was available for review. DR walked away pretty pleased with the slender device and were surprised that it could feel so ergonomic given...

Humping USB Dog


The flash memory doesn’t fit inside the unit (I think it’s just below the base) but anytime you transfer data to or from the phallic device, it gyrates like a dog in heat…would naturally…right? Video here. USB Humping Dog Flash Drive Mod (Only Humps During Transfer) [EverythingUSB]...

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