Nike Hatphone
If you recall, after the release of Apple’s ‘i’ products we saw copycats and URLs pop-up everywhere. This product seems to leverage the recent release of the iPhone, but this time they’ve opted for the latter half of the name. The Hatphone by Nike, is not a phone or an accessory for the iPhone, but an accessory to the iPod Nano (isn’t this so yesteryear?). Apparently you can store your nano in the hat, use what is a ‘power mesh window’ to access the Nano’s scroll wheel, and run the headphones direct to your ears without the cords dangling at your neck. Since this product seems a little ‘out there’ namewise, one’s gotta think they are making a move to simply protect a trademark much like Cisco Systems tried to do with the iPhone.

Men’s and women’s versions available here for around $60.

Nike Hatphone: All Nano, No Phone [MobileMag]

Christen Costa

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