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HD DVD Boasts Largest Capacity Disc – Take that Blu-Ray

In the hopes of keeping rival Blu-ray at bay, Toshiba, developer of HD-DVD, has announced its 51GB capacity HD DVD. Blu-Ray has long been regarded as the technically superior disc with a 50GB capacity. Previous HD DVD discs onl...

Find Red Light Cameras in Your Neighborhood

If you’re like me, you’ve some how achieved two light camera tix upon arrival into a new state – this was my experience when I first moved to La, CA. In my quest to avoid all Red Light tix, and more importantly cameras, I manag...


Costco Cancels Bottomless Return Policy

Amid concerns that Costco's 'bottomless' or 'endless' return policy was impacting margins and ultimately its stock price, the warehouse retailer today revised its Consumer Electronics return policy to reflect a 90 day window. I...
Cell Phones

Blackberry 8800 Now Available at Cingular for $299 w/ 2yr Contract

As predicted, the highly anticipated Blackberry 8800 is now available for purchase at Cingular's website for $299 after signing a 2-year contract and a $50 mail-in rebate. If you ask me, there isn't much to be excited about her...

Cell Phones

Blackberry 8800: Tons of Pics and Expect it February 20th, 2007

Finally pictures of the new Blackberry 8800 have emerged. Head on over to BoyGenius for the full scoop, but rumor has it that we should expect the 8800 later this month around the 20th. BoyGenius notes that his test version has...

Nike Hatphone Makes for Wishful Thinking or Smart Trademarking

If you recall, after the release of Apple’s ‘i’ products we saw copycats and URLs pop-up everywhere. This product seems to leverage the recent release of the iPhone, but this time they’ve opted for the latter half of the name. ...


USBTV From SanDisk: Just Copy, Paste and Plug it in to the TV

If you’re aren’t willing to bare network configuration to stream your recorded shows or movies from your PC to your media center, then the SanDisk USBTV has the quickie fix. From what we gather you essentially transfer up to 2G...