Samsung VLUU i70 Digicam
Forget those temperamental WiFi hotspots. The new VLUU i70 Digicam by Samsung will sport not only a 7.2 megapixel CCD, a 3�? LCD and double as a media player but will also include HSPDA for 3G high speed connectivity anywhere you go for uploading photos instantly to the Net. Course you have to be signed up for some sort of service plan so this leaves us wondering if the camera has some sort of SIM chip port built-in to it. That would be truly cool because the added feature wouldn’t cost anything more then a data plan on your cell phone. Apparently you can also text message from the device but that seems just a tad too ‘feature creeped’ out for us. Keep in mind these details aren’t official, but we’ll continue to sniff around for complete details.

Samsung rolls text messaging and HSDPA into digicam [Cnet Asia]

Christen Costa

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