Daily Archives: January 29, 2007

4G = 100MBpS Wirelessly in China


That’s right. 3G is so yesterday, it’s all about B3G (beyond 3G) aka 4G. 4G provides up to 100MBps wireless data rates and has been rolled out in trial in a district of China’s Shanghai’s Changning. The trial is costing $19.2 million dollars (150 million yuan) and will continue to...

Samsung Digicam Sports HSDPA (3G Connectivity)


Forget those temperamental WiFi hotspots. The new VLUU i70 Digicam by Samsung will sport not only a 7.2 megapixel CCD, a 3�? LCD and double as a media player but will also include HSPDA for 3G high speed connectivity anywhere you go for uploading photos instantly to the Net. Course...