Daily Archives: December 20, 2006

Ultra Slim Casio Projector


Casio recently unveiled its 32mm thick DLP projector (spec sheet shows 43mm. so maybe Aving misread). The device, otherwise known as the XJ-S30/S35, can produce 2000 Ansi lumens from its 26mm diameter lens, and offers WLAN and USB support. The spec sheet indicates that at best it can produce an...

Cingular Testing HSDPA (3G) in LA

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I was chatting with a coworker who recently purchased the Samsung Blackjack. He said he experienced HSDPA, or better yet 3G, through out Los Angeles this past weekend. To confirm I did some searching and according to Cingular’s Customer forums (totally unofficial of course) one contributor confirmed with a Cingular...