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Chainsaw Motorcycle


So what if this is darn good PR spin. I always enjoy ‘gear’ that’s supposed to do ENTIRELY something else, but in fact is used for the sole purpose of accelling a leather laden individual down a speed track at what appears to be go-kart like speeds. This multi engine...

Cell Calls in the Air

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Did you know that chances are pretty much one cell phone is left turned on in every flight. Kind of scary, huh? Well, the fact is that its a pretty darn slim chance that your celly will impact on board navigation equipment, and one foreign airline is so confident that...

Ultra Slim Casio Projector


Casio recently unveiled its 32mm thick DLP projector (spec sheet shows 43mm. so maybe Aving misread). The device, otherwise known as the XJ-S30/S35, can produce 2000 Ansi lumens from its 26mm diameter lens, and offers WLAN and USB support. The spec sheet indicates that at best it can produce an...

Cingular Testing HSDPA (3G) in LA

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I was chatting with a coworker who recently purchased the Samsung Blackjack. He said he experienced HSDPA, or better yet 3G, through out Los Angeles this past weekend. To confirm I did some searching and according to Cingular’s Customer forums (totally unofficial of course) one contributor confirmed with a Cingular...

HD-DVD and XBox HD Movie Comparison


Jake Ludington compares the Xbox Marketplace’s HD movies to that of HD-DVD. His verdict? Both pictures are almost identical but the Xbox’s HD movies are slightly brighter. Check out Jake’s full comparison here. Mediablab: Xbox Video Marketplace and HD-DVD Comparison [EhomeUpgrade]...

Voice Changing Helmet or ‘Man in the Iron Mask’


This toy, dubbed the Dr. Who Cyberman Voice Changer, looks more Haloween then Holiday Gift. But if your kid has a penchant for the Dr. Who gear and wants to scare the ‘bajesus’ out of the neighbor’s kid then you’ve got a sure fire answer. The helmet includes voice changer,...

Watch Your Electrical Usage


Penny pinchers rejoice! The Wattson displays your total power usage. Installation is simple and no professional needed. Just install the ‘sensor’ at the home’s electricity supply and then carry the handheld wireless display wherever you go. Turn on the good old hair dryer and watch the numbers spike. The display...

iPod in Any Color

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If you are looking to give the gift that stinks of individualism, many folks probably wouldn’t think of Apple’s iPod: white or black, 30 or 80 GB. Wrong. Thanks to Colorware, you can now order any iPod, or iPod Nano, in any color of your choice with their patented X2...

New Samsung Blackjack w/ WiFi and Front Camera Spotted


Is this really a Samsung Blackjack with Wifi? According to Samsung plans to release 3 new devices targeted at music, video and messaging. The ‘messaging’ device, aptly named Ultra Messaging, appears to be a carbon copy of the Blackjack but includes the much needed, much deserved, and much desired...

Brand New Xbox 360 for $251


That’s right. No lie. You just have to live in Japan to get this bundle. Microsoft released the “Blue Dragon Xbox 360 Bundle” in Japan today – or recently, we’re not sure. In the bundle you’ll find the core system, a copy of the Blue Dragon game – which, by...

Nintendo Wii Outsells Sony Playstation 3

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The Wii sold 371,936 units in its first weekend of availability in Japan. Playstation 3 on the other hand sold a mere 88,400 in its Japan debut. Lack luster PS3 sales is puportedly due to limited supplies which is a result of difficulties in producing the necessary blue-laser diodes –...

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