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PS3 More Important then a Gunshot Wound


On November 17th Michael Penkala stood first in line at the Putnam, Connecticut Walmart with hopes of purchasing a PS3.  He came prepared with $2,600, but what happened next no one could have prepared for – unless of course they owned a flack jacket.  Penkala was approached by 3 robbers...

Upgrade Zune HD from 30GB to 80GB


The guys over at apparently aren’t all iPod and to prove it they’re offering a guide on how to switch out your Zune’s 30GB HD for an 80GB HD. If you want the 80GB (40GB or 60GB will also work) then you’ll need to get your hands on Toshiba...

Drive By Review of the PS3

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Wired’s Chris Kohler sums up his current experience with the PS3 and from the sounds of it Sony’s launch delay wasn’t long enough. As noted the PS3 is well worth its $600 price tag: Blu-Ray Drive, 60GB hard drive, and of course IBM’s Cell Processor. Unfortunately, the controllers have remained...

Casino Royale

Casino Royale Spy Kit by Sony


I guess with Sony Electronics struggling like never before why not make a movie (Casino Royale) and drape every scene with Sony products.  Why not take it a notch further and offer “007 Spy Kits” at Sony Style.  Currently there are two kits available: “Gather Intelligence” which includes a TX...

Hello Kitty Slot Loading Progressive Scan DVD Player


We generally steer clear of such novel devices, but given the time of the year and the popularity Hello Kitty we couldn’t help but post this. Costing a mere $89.99 at Target via Amazon, the device is so cheap that any bonafide Hello Kitty collector should feel ashamed if they...

Shure E2C Headphone Review


So if you remember, I recently picked up the new iPod Nano. Being the audio snob that I am (not a huge one, but nonetheless) I had to pick up a decent pair of headphones to compliment the 8GB Nano. Not only do the standard iPod headphones sound sub par,...

Shows and HiDef Movies on Xbox Live


According to an article in Adweek, Microsoft will begin selling and renting TV shows and movies from MTV, CBS, Turner Broadcast and Paramount via Xbox live. Microsoft claims to have over 1,000 hours of content in store, and plans to include HiDef movies to Xbox360 users. Not sure when the...

Touchscreen iPod Rumors


If the latest round of touchscreen iPod rumors are true, you may want to revise your holiday wishlist. Touchscreen iPod rumors have been circulating around the Internet for awhile now. Even posted some touchscreen iPod patent pictures back in February. The new twist to this story is that the...

SpeckTone Retro iPod Speakers


Retro junkies rejoice. Speck Products has a top-loading iPod stereo speaker system called the SpeckTone Retro. Sure, there are hundreds of iPod speaker systems on the market. What makes this system unique is the design. The designers of the SpeckTone Retro have succeeded in making a product that looks modern...

UK Urged to Legalize iPod


Want to be a rebel and break the law in the United Kingdom? It’s easy. All you need is an iPod and a CD. Here’s how: Step 1: Pop a CD into you computer. Step 2: Import the songs into iTunes. Step 3: Sync the songs onto your iPod. Millions...

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